HAS IT GOTTEN TO THIS? American Refugees in America

Written by Teri O'Brien on July 31, 2014

On July 24, 2014, the Liberal Death Star, aka the New York Times, reported that, true to form, rather than enforcing our immigration laws, the Obama Regime is looking for innovative ways to make sure that as many of the poor, sick, illiterate, and desperate Third World illegal alien invaders stay here permanently. These folks are natural born Democrat voters in waiting, and the One is not going to let this crisis go to waste.

According to the Times‘ article, and other news reports, the scheme he’s considering putting into place with his mighty pen and phone, involves granting these illegal aliens status as “refugees”, fleeing from dangerous, gang-infested, poverty-stricken locales where they have little or no educational or job opportunities. In other words, places that sound a lot like Obama’s own home town, Chicago. Chicago’s mayor, Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel wants at least 1000 of these illegals to be relocated to the Windy City by the end of the year. 

Leaving aside that obvious irony, there is a problem with this plan, the same problem that Barack Obama has confronted time and again during his reign; that is, the law, specifically, a 1980 law signed by Ronald Reagan, the Refugee Act, designed to make our law comply with the 1967 United Nations Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. This law amended a 1962 law, and Section 201 defines a “refugee” as someone present in the United States who has demonstrated “a well-founded fear of persecution based on one of five grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.”

And there’s the rub. These illegals don’t fit into any of those categories. Stop laughing. I know Barack “The law is irrelevant” Obama doesn’t give a flying fig whether he violates the law. I want to focus on that phrase “a well-founded fear of persecution.” Under our law, people seeking refugee status, which is also called “asylum”, are given the opportunity to present their cases for staying in this country at what is called a “credible threat” hearing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but as I watch our country be destroyed by Barack Obama and his minions, I personally feel a lot of fear, and it’s definitely well-founded. The persecution of conservatives by Obama’s IRS is undeniable but that’ s not all. There is a credible threat to our way of life and to liberty presented by the Obama administration and its lawless actions, particularly the “humanitarian crisis,” which he caused for cynical political reasons. 

(1) The “credible threat” of serious, or even fatal, diseases 

On Monday, July 28, 2014, police in Kern County, California finally found and arrested Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a 25 year-old transient from a region of Mexico known for a serious, very contagious, and drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis. He was diagnosed in March, 2014 after he went to the hospital for treatment of a severe cough. He was supposed to remain isolated in a Stockton, CA motel room, where a health worker would deliver his meds to him and watch him take them. Instead, he flew the coup. 

Could he have been that guy with the hacking cough hanging out in the local library? Working at a fast food restaurant for a few days to make a couple bucks? At the mall? No one knows with whom he came in contact. Nor do we know whether he is legally in the country. We do know that other people from this part of Mexico can enter an open border, with various bacteria, viruses, lice and similar public health threats coming along for the ride.

We also know that many of the people rushing into the open arms of Border Patrol agents have been carrying diseases that we thought we had wiped out. Here’s a chart showing the pathogens catalogued in just one-half of one day!

(2) The “credible threat” of crime

Here at Clash Daily, just a couple of days ago, we read about the homeless man in Maryland stabbed to death by six illegals who are members of the notorious, vicious gang MS-13. They aren’t exactly those valedictorian “DREAMERs” that our slobbering, sycophantic media love to write Valentines about. When we don’t know who is coming into the country, and why, we are putting out the “Welcome” mat for criminals as well as those “hard-working, best and brightest,” that Obama likes the blather on about. Last January, Clash Daily reported on the arrest of a Florida heroin kingpin. He and several of his employees are all illegal aliens, and they all collect food stamps, which brings me to another “credible threat.”

(3) The “credible threat” to taxpayers

As I have told you on The Teri OBrien Show, thanks to a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision, local taxpayers are obligated to pay for illegal alien children to attend their public schools. The Obama Regime’s Department of Education has issued a preemptive warning to local school districts, reminding them that they cannot challenge these children’s right to be in school. So, when these “8 year-old criminals with their teddy bears,” as George Will called them, show up, don’t expect them or their parents to produce the proof of immunizations or other paperwork that you needed to admit your child to school. (See Credible Threat #1)

Adding these poor, foreign, non-English speaking children imposes an additional burden on already strained property taxpayers. Local taxpayers will also have to bear the increased cost of law enforcement created by these invaders. (See Credible Threat #2)

Speaking of taxpayers, let me share a little nugget from the Times’ piece, just in case you’re not convinced. Discussing the issue of how many of these illegal aliens Obama might declare “refugees”, they write “How many people are accepted is critical, because refugees qualify for public assistance upon arrival in the United States.”

I thought we had enough of our own freeloaders, but apparently, even though we are over $17 trillion in debt, we need to import thousands more. Where do taxpayers go to apply for refugee status?

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