History Repeating Itself? The Madness of King Barack

Written by Teri O'Brien on July 10, 2014

Toward the end, his behavior became more erratic and inexplicable, so much so that eventually his subjects became so fed up that they rose up to overthrow his repressive regime, but not without presenting the world with a multi-count indictment describing his many acts of of malfeasance. 

That document, of course, was the Declaration of Independence. I refer not to the current monarch, King Barack I, but rather England’s King George III, two imperious tyrants whose actions may be attributable to some form of insanity. In the case of King Barry, lately even his supporters are hard pressed to explain behavior which some of them characterize as “bizarre” and “detached.” The tipping point is an invasion of illegal aliens from Central America, many of whom are unaccompanied children, a teeming horde of uneducated, illiterate, unskilled, desperate poor people, looking for government assistance to survive. In other words, natural born Democrats.

Two things are painfully obvious; specifically, (1) that this “humanitarian situation,” (formerly a “humanitarian crisis,” according to the Regime) at what we laughingly call our southern “border” is the direct result of Barack Obama’s stunning lawlessness. His use of his infamous pen and phone to do what Congress had rejected and unilaterally enact a de facto DREAM Act, which is actually a nightmare for American taxpayers and under-employed citizens, in the summer of 2012, before the presidential election, to pander to one of his ethnic identity politics groups started the rumors in Central America that led to this explosive, horrific mess. That’s the reason that, unlike illegals in the past, this latest batch don’t hide from the Border Patrol. They run into their waiting arms, eager to get their “permisos”.

That same year, 2012, his administration’s ICE scraped the 287g program that allowed local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law. That was after the Obama regime notoriously sued the state of Arizona for the crime of enforcing our immigration laws.

And (2) these policies are completely driven by the desire to enhance his political fortunes and those of his political party in the short term, and to complete his grand project to “transform” this country.

Barack Obama’s actions are clearly deliberate and politically motivated. Still, his performance on Wednesday, July 9, demonstrated such a disconnect from reality that the best his apologists could come up with was to suggest that perhaps his administration is simply incompetent.  He traveled to Denver, and assumed his favorite position, back on the campaign stump. In front of his ever-popular human wallpaper of mascots, he declared that ‘”We’re better off now than we were five years ago, despite the unyielding opposition of a few.” At a time when the labor participation rate is at the lowest percentage since 1978, with record numbers of Americans on disability, gas prices double what they were when he took office, and stagnant wages for many, some considered that statement extremely confusing.

I think they are missing something. When he says “we’re better off,” perhaps he’s not delusional. After all, he, Mooch, Mother Robinson and the Obama daughters are living at level of luxury unheard of in human history. 

Then, after shooting pool, drinking a beer and yucking it up with his fellow Democrat, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper, he headed to Texas to perform his most important executive function, hobnobbing with the .001% while fundraising for Democrats. In between soirées, he strode to a podium in Dallas, Texas, to read a statement from his trusty TelePrompTer, disclaiming all responsibility for the mess he created with his stunning lawlessness. He had no interest of visiting the border, even though he was only 500 miles away. He disdains “photo ops,” don’cha know.

According to the One, the solution to the illegal invasion is for Congress to stop playing politics with the issue of illegal immigration by enacting the amnesty he wants for hundreds of thousands of future Democrats, and by giving him $3.7 billion to spend making his Central American guests comfortable.

Sane observers, like Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) pointed out the real solution is to ship these invaders back immediately,  suggesting that, just maybe, action might be more persuasive than TV ads and billboards in Guatemala. They also noted that, even though Barack Obama and his pathetically-evasive Sec. of the Department of Homeland (In)Security, Jeh Johnson, blame their failure to immediately deport the unaccompanied alien children on a 2008 law, nothing in this “emergency” legislation does anything to repeal this law.

Crazy? Sure looks like it.

The answer is what policy wonks would call “expedited repatriation,” as in send them back immediately. Barack, what happened to the fierce urgency of now? Or does that only apply to your race-baiting, income redistribution schemes? 

Historians now believe that King George did indeed suffer from a form of insanity. Perhaps future historians will come to the same conclusion about Barack Obama. If, as Michael Savage has long said, liberalism is a mental disorder, the radical leftist ideology that the current occupant of the Oval Office embraces is the most extreme version of the malady, and so is arguably just plain nuts. 

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