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News Clash

HOPE & DRUGS: Gang Member Wanted for Murder in Border Shootout with TX Police

Breitbart is reporting that a Mexican gang member is dead after a shootout with the police near the Texas-Mexican border. Hope and gangs, shootouts, and drugs; this is Obama’s America. See below…

LA JOYA, Texas—Citizens ran for cover as authorities and a presumed member of the Texas Syndicate prison gang got into a brutal firefight less than a mile from the border with Mexico.

Bursts of what sounded like automatic fire were heard on and off as police officers and sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest 29-year-old Joaquin Cibrian, a member of the fearsome prison gang who barricaded himself in a house in a densely populated area of this South Texas community. Authorities wanted Cibrian on suspicion of capital murder.

Three police helicopters circled overhead as more than 100 police officers from various agencies, sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers remained at the scene while tactical teams worked to apprehend the lone gunman.

On Tuesday night, Edinburg Police Chief Rolando Castaneda said a team of his officers had been trying to apprehend Cibrian for his alleged role in the murder of a 19-year-old man from Mexico who had been shot in the back head earlier this month.

Authorities contacted the gang member a second time, where they once again convinced him to surrender with a similar outcome.

“At that point again, he engaged our officers with multiple shots,” Guerra said. “At that point, we deployed an armored vehicle to ram the door and fired tear gas. At that point, he came out firing multiple rounds; our officers returned fire… the threat has been taken care of; he’s dead at this time.”

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