Reigning In the Runaway Executive: Convention of States, Pt 3

Published on July 3, 2014

by Mike Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

I have been racking my mind for a good alternate Acronym for POTUS. I thought about PODUNK, but this is usually a placeholder until you can remember the right name for a city . Obama is not a placeholder, he has lost our country too much ground to say that he is holding anything in place . I thought about PODUD as this reflects on his ability as president, but is seems a little tame . Then I remembered Hawkeye from the MASH episodes talking about tushes , derrières , or the back end of donkeys ( ass ). Yes, I believe that POTUSH is a very good alternate acronym for President Obama.
I want to be a delegate to a Article V Constitutional Convention to limit the power of the Federal Government. I’ve previously written on our legislative and judicial branches and now that a suitable substitute acronym has been found it’s time to tackle some Constitutional Restrictions on the power of our POTUSH ( POTUS ) . The best way to tackle needed restrictions is too look to the abuses of the past .
POTUS Ford pardoned POTUS Nixon for his illegal actions while POTUS, thus placing POTUS above the law, for what POTUS will not pardon the previous POTUS so that he/she can expect the same treatment . Currently the power of POTUS to pardon anyone for anything is unrestricted . It’s not illegal ( although it’s unethical ) for him to sell pardons, say for campaign contributions . Absolute power corrupts absolutely . POTUS’ power to pardon must be restricted . I feel that if the power to pardon is restricted so that he/she may not pardon another POTUS, a Congressman/woman, a Senator or any Justices up to and including the Supreme Court would/could (?) curtail some abuses of power .
I don’t know the 1st POTUS that claimed “Executive Privilege “ or “National Security” to avoid responding to subpoena’s, but that needs to be eliminated when responding to subpoena’s from either house of Congress . They must be responded to in an unredacted manner . Failure to respond in that manner would be deemed to be a high crime or misdemeanor  and would require a HOUSE vote on impeachment .

Our Congress needs adequate information to perform it’s duties and it will decide what is needed to perform these duties . POTUS could still claim “executive privilege or national security” but only after the requested information has been supplied . A claim of this nature must be submitted to the Supreme Court to determine the validity of the claim in whole or in part . When in doubt, the SCOTUS should find that the information may/should be released to the public . Release to Congress must be prompt and thorough.
POTUS may not issue executive orders that are contrary to law . POTUS may not use executive orders to steal from the citizens in a national emergency, nor may he use them to enslave citizens by requiring them to work with no remuneration or against their will.
POTUS may not disobey laws or refuse to enforce existing laws . POTUSH may not grant amnesty to illegal aliens/immigrants . In the event of a national emergency, all illegal aliens/immigrants will be be interned . Hopefully this will discourage POTUSH from illegally granting amnesty or needlessly calling a National Emergency.
POTUS may make one trip abroad per year unless Congress grants the funds for another. POTUS’ ( POTUSHES ) family may not travel on the governments dime unless they are traveling with him .

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