‘Move, Shoot, Communicate’: Totalitarian Gov’t Doesn’t Like It

Published on July 13, 2014

by Charles Sloan
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Way back when I was in the army, we were taught that if we ever were sent into combat the three essential things to do was to move, shoot, and communicate. This simply means that to stay alive we had to fight the enemy with the weapons we were issued and stay in communication with higher echelons who directed us to move where they knew or at least thought we should go to complete our mission.

I read today, July 10, 2014 on Conservativebyte.com that a law-abiding gun owner in New York State on Long Island had all 3 or 4 guns confiscated by the State Police. They told him that because he had a misdemeanor charge 15 years ago that gave them cause to take all his guns, all of which were registered and locked up in a proper gun safe that could only be opened by him. All this, of course, was in compliance with the New York Safe Act, signed in to law by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Such is life now in the People’s Republic of New York State. This man found out the hard way that gun registration leads to gun confiscation, despite the fact that he and his legal guns had not been a threat to anyone.

This got me to thinking about what could be next. It’s a well-documented historical fact that that a disarmed populace is at the mercy of the tyrants who did the disarming. It seems to me that our own government is waging a war against any and all who oppose them. If this is the case, and I sincerely believe that it could be, then what would be the next logical thing that our overlords might want to take away from us?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when a dictator comes to power, the number and severity of new laws and regulations escalates exponentially because he desires to have complete rule over every aspect of his “subjects'” lives. The more laws that are enacted the more things become illegal. Romans 4:15 says that “Law works wrath. For where there is no law, there is no transgression.”

Move, shoot, and communicate. If our ability to “shoot” is taken away, then to me, the next way to keep the subjects from communicating with each other could be to take away cell phones. Most of us have them, and with a cell phone we can conspire privately to engineer a coup against said overlords. Think about the results of this. You could be conspiring with no one. But because you have the ability to conspire on your privately-owned cell phone with other people, that makes you and all cell phone owners a threat to the tyrants.

You might ask, “Why not just shut down the cell carriers?” Answer: because the tyrants want to use their cell phones,too. If we have our phones taken, won’t that destroy AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and all the rest? Probably, but only to an extent. Just as our all-knowing and all-powerful government took over General Motors through bail-outs, so could be the same for cell carriers now made desperate for revenue; and who would be more “suggestible” to government dictates. Thus giving the government control of yet another segment of the economy, total and complete.

Planning a protest or rally would then become much harder without a mobile form of communication. More and more people are giving up their land lines. Why have a land line at home you seldom use when your cell phone is always with you wherever you happen to go?

Here’s an interesting story: Chinese state-run media: Apple iPhone a danger to China national security. “Chinese state media on Friday branded Apple Inc’s iPhone a threat to national security because of the smartphone’s ability to track and time-stamp user locations,” Paul Carsten reports for Reuters.

“A report by broadcaster CCTV criticized the iPhone’s ‘Frequent Locations’ function for allowing users to be tracked and information about them revealed,” Carsten reports. “‘This is extremely sensitive data,”‘ said a researcher interviewed by the broadcaster. If the data were accessed, it could reveal an entire country’s economic situation and ‘even state secrets,’ the researcher said.”

Carsten reports, “Other U.S. hardware firms such as Cisco Systems Inc and IBM Corp have experienced a backlash in China from what analysts and companies have termed the ‘Snowden Effect’, after U.S. spying revelations released last year by former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.” MacDailyNews | Friday, July 11, 2014 at 8:43 am.

So the Chinese Communist government is suddenly now “concerned” that the Apple iPhone can be used to reveal state secrets with all the technology it contains. I find this humorous since China is where iPhone is assembled and sold by cell carriers there in that country. How long before our nation’s “leaders” in Washington come to the same conclusion?

Lest you think this could never happen in this country, stop and remember that totalitarianism is the ultimate goal of any socialist or communist government. Being 60 years old, and having served 3 of my years in the army in Germany (1975-1978) when East Germany existed along with the Berlin Wall, I saw first-hand what communism was, and still is by those on the left whose aim is to inflict it on us in this country. Control of the populace through government dependence, poverty, and disinformation fed through state-run media. It was the same socialism there in Europe in the 1970’s that the Democrat Party espouses today.

Eliminating cell phone communication would also lead to government control of the Internet, as is done in China and North Korea right now. Freedom to move, shoot, and communicate can be all taken away “for our own

Already, for those of us who believe in God and the US Constitution, Harry Reid is on record calling us “domestic terrorists” because we won’t bend over and take it. After taking away all legal firearms from otherwise law-abiding citizens, thus making them subject to government dictates, what better way to silence further protestation by taking away any and all electronic devices that could be used for that purpose? I wonder what the penalty would be for having an unregistered cell phone in your possession. Wouldn’t that be a felony? Every cell phone owner without a permit to carry one would be subject to jail time. Nearly all of us. The more laws there are, the more laws that will be broken, whether intentionally or not.

I hope to be completely wrong about all of this. But remember that it was only a few years ago that smoking was allowed in restaurants and bars. It was only a few years ago that there was little traction for gun control. It was only a few years ago that gay marriage was illegal in all 50 states. It was only a few years ago that military chaplains could preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ freely. Twenty years ago there was no Internet as we know it today. Computers were in only a few homes. Those fortunate enough to afford one were excited when dial-up became available to go online in those primitive days. One big and heavy desktop monster was all that could be afforded at the time. So many things that are common place to us today were unknown only a few years ago. This opinion piece is being written on just my iPad, not a full-size computer.

The first amendment is under assault. Democrats want to suppress free speech and the free exercise of religion, especially for those of us that are Bible oriented Christians. All the electronics we enjoy today give us the freedom to express ourselves and communicate openly. Don’t be too surprised to realize one fine day that what is happening in North Korea and China has now become the order of the day here in this once-great country too. I hope there is still time to stop our overlords from making that our own unpleasant reality.

charles sloanCharles Sloan is an unapologetic Christian and conservative who lives in upstate
New York with his wife and St. Bernard. A US Army veteran, he believes in
objective law that applies to each person, regardless of office held, private or

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