NOW THAT’S FUNNY: Check Out This Town’s ‘Obama Presidential Library’ Parade Float

Published on July 7, 2014

At the Norfolk Annual Independence Day Parade, there was an entry for a float that depicted Obama’s presidential library as an outhouse. Offensive or hilarious? You decide, see below…

A Fourth of July parade float that depicted a figure standing outside an outhouse labeled the “Obama Presidential Library” has created a stir on social media and is also receiving criticism in Norfolk, Nebraska.

The float, in Norfolk’s annual Independence Day parade, was on a flatbed trailer being pulled by a blue pickup truck. The figure was dressed in overalls and standing next to a walker outside of the outhouse. The hands and head of the figure were greenish and appeared to be zombielike; the hands were pressed against the sides of the figure’s head. Miniature American flags were atop the float and on the truck.

Neither the float nor the pickup identified a sponsor; a sign in the windshield said it was entry No. 29.

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