Overrun! Generalissimo Obama’s Hispanic Army Invades America

Written by Jerry Novick on July 8, 2014

All right – let’s get this out of the way up front. If you are a Progressive Liberal Democrat, Obama-Zombie, or a RINO looking to score points with a demographic that will never vote for you, go ahead and just call me a racist right now. Scream it. Froth at the mouth. Prejudge me before reading the entire article. Throw in some swear words. Oh, and don’t forget to add the obligatory “why do you hate children” in there also. Mustn’t forget to exploit the children.

Okay – we all good now? Is anybody still reading this? Because if you are, then you need to sit down. I’m about to reveal a truth that may alter the entire course of America’s future, and perhaps rewire the synapses in your brain:

Nobody, regardless of age, circumstance, or lip-service to good intentions, has any right to cross America’s borders illegally and then stay in this country.


I don’t care where that person came from, or why they came here. If their first act on American soil is to violate our immigration laws, then they forfeit the privilege of being in America.

No matter what Barack Obama and his cronies say. Sure, Barack will use his pen and phone to try to squeeze past the law. Sure, he will say he’s doing it for the sake of the children and to reunite families. But if you think that Barack Obama cares about children or families, you need your head examined.

If Obama cared about children, he wouldn’t promote taking them partially out of a mother’s womb and then puncturing their skulls. Or taking them fully out of their mother’s wombs and then leaving them to die on a cold metal table.

If Barack Obama cared about families, he wouldn’t promote policies that have been proven to tear families apart.

No, Barack Obama cares about remaking America in his image. An image that hates our past. That despises the exceptional efforts and successes of people who built America into the world leader that it is (or is that “was…” – Obama has done a pretty good job of tearing America down over the past few years, and our status as the greatest nation on Earth is certainly in jeopardy).

To accomplish that goal, Obama has made himself a true Commander-in-Chief. Not of America’s armed forces. He despises our soldiers.

No, Obama commands an army of Hispanic invaders. He is the Generalissimo, and they are his loyal fools.

Tens of thousands of these loyalists have crashed across America’s southern border. Mexicans, Hondurans, and too many other “-ans” to count. And instead of defending our border… Instead of allowing Border Patrol Agents to do their job and send these invaders home, Obama has our would-be defenders changing diapers.

It’s the perfect invasion. It has a sweet, dirty-faced child as its propaganda tool and weeping mothers carrying multiple babies as its foot soldiers.

They will crush our already over-taxed healthcare system. They will swell the welfare and food stamp roles. They are already costing us millions of dollars without adding one ounce of effort and value to our nation.

And now Generalissimo Obama is spreading them all over the country. This army of invaders is getting free rides to a city near you. And if you dare to protest, Obama will send in the SWAT Team and DHS goons to shut you down.

Because his agenda outweighs your First Amendment rights. And it makes a mockery of the citizenship of every immigrant whoever came to this country the right and legal way. Immigrants who added value to America before they ever asked for one thing in return.

Immigrants like my Great Grandparents, who stood in line at Ellis Island to register legally. Who built businesses and became productive members of a then-growing Middle Class.

Immigrants like my Father-in-Law, who filled out every piece of paperwork and waited his turn to come here. Who came alone, leaving behind his wife and the little girl who would one day grow up and become my wife, to make sure he could find gainful employment before bringing his family to our shores. This is a man who not only found work, but quickly set up his own business, became an American citizen, and added great value to his community – his American community. No food stamps, no welfare, no unpaid Emergency Room visits.

Proof positive that you can flee oppression or seek to make a better life without breaking the law.

So, to the illegal invaders of America I say, “go home!”. Go home. You have forfeited your right to be an American citizen. You have mocked our laws. You have taken without asking, without planning to give back. You have disgraced yourself.

And to their Commander-in-Chief I say “history will judge you, and so will God – and I would not want to be you on that day, for all of the money and power this world has to offer.”

It’s time we put a stop to Generalissimo Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Invasion. Let your voices be heard, Americans! Use the New Media to drown out the lies of the old guard. Use your pen and phone to inform the government and your representatives there that you will not support any program or politician that supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. Vote for candidates that will build the border fence and protect our country.

Because if you remain silent, then the silent invaders will win.

* Okay – there might be some very rare, individually applicable, wild scenario I am missing that might justify someone being allowed to stay after an illegal border crossing. Feel free to play that “what if” game on your own time.

Image: Courtesy of: http://peruanista.blogspot.com/2010/09/empeora-represion-contra-inmigrantes-en.html


Jerry Novick has spent the past 30 years writing everything from advertising to comic books - but he is fast gaining a new reputation for his focus on the relationship between God, Country, and the Constitution. By blood Jerry is Jewish, by choice he is Christian - which potentially doubles his presents in December. He makes a habit of mixing religion and politics, especially in his (mostly) Daily Devotional series: TheWriteAmerica's Patriot Devotionals. These Devotionals, and other feature articles by Jerry, can be found at TheWriteAmerica.com.