PATRIARCHY? Are You Kidding Me? A Nation of Wimps

Written by R.G. Yoho on July 21, 2014

The recent incidents of random gun violence have once again brought the subject of gun control to the forefront in public and political debate.

Liberals are routinely telling us that their blatant and ham-handed attempts at incrementalized gun confiscation can make America a safer place in which to live. And it is tragic that so many of our citizens believe them, thereby revealing one of our greatest problems as a nation.

The militant feminists are constantly whining about our discriminatory, patriarchal society.

America is not a patriarchal society. It hasn’t been so for many years. The rise of political correctness is an indication that we are living in a country that has become emasculated, feminized, and neutered.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that I am a proud Neanderthal, the member of a quickly-dying breed, one of the last of my kind.

And I am happy that way.

My wife is one of the most feminine women I know. She likes staying at home and caring for her children and grandchildren. She likes her husband going to work and being solely responsible for paying our bills and putting food on the table.

These are her choices. And mine.

Yet despite these things, she is also a tough and fiercely-independent woman. But she also hates seeing her country losing its rugged spirit.

Over the years, I have often heard my wife say, “Women think with their hearts and not their heads.”

But that is changing as well.

Much too often, the best man for the job is increasingly a woman.

Such was the case with Sarah Palin.

In a society dominated by men, every president since Ronald Reagan would likely have been a Republican. In a country where men were not so timid, the needless slaughter of the unborn wouldn’t be a subject that would strike fear in the heart of every wimpy, male politician. And in a patriarchal society, Americans would never have elected a panderer and philanderer who dared to tell you with a straight face, “I feel your pain.”

Do you remember back when you skinned your knee as a child? Who did you go to for comfort?

Your mother fussed over you and said that she would kiss your “boo-boo.”

Your dad told you to “quit whining, shake it off, and act like a man!”

Increasingly, Democrats have become the “Mommy Party” and Conservative Republicans are the “Daddy Party.”

The Democrats cry over your pain and tell you that they will give the victimized, down-trodden, longing-to-be victims in our country everything they need or so desire.

Your mothers try to remove all dangers far away from their children, so that they will not be hurt. Your fathers recognize the dangers, warn you about them, and expect you to follow their experienced advice about staying away from the things that would harm you.

A father wants his boy to play football; a mother worries that he will be hurt. A mother kisses her child’s finger when he burns it on the stove; a father tells him, “You should have listened when I warned you it was hot!” A mother tells her son to report the school bully to the principal; fathers tell him to punch the punk in the nose.

That is real America, truly the way it ought to be.

Mothers want to protect their children from everything. Fathers believe that hardship and adversity are things that build character. When children complain that things aren’t fair, mothers sympathize with them; fathers tell them that “life isn’t fair.”

Our matriarchal American society is doing its best to legislate, or litigate, away all risks from every aspect of our daily lives.

Don’t believe them, because it simply isn’t true.

I definitely have a problem with men that are increasingly surrendering any remaining vestiges of their masculinity.

These are qualities that always made the American male a special breed, the toughness and rugged individualism that forged this country, won our wars, tamed the West, and explored the distant reaches of the Moon.

Unfortunately, we are now living in a gelded age, a time when Democrats have convinced many Americans that they can protect us from every danger, every hardship, and remove all fear and possibility of failure.

We live in a country that guarantees every man an equal opportunity; it doesn’t guarantee every man an equal outcome. A free society will always have its failures. The poor will always be with us; Jesus told us that. And life will never be without some inherent risks.
Mommies cannot change that. Neither can liberals. They never could.

America most certainly is not a patriarchal society.

I would to God that it actually were!

Once again.



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R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”