Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Misguided, Jew-Hating Ninny

Written by Audrey Russo on July 13, 2014

It’s finally been revealed who Roger Waters was thinking of when he wrote “Brain Damage” from Dark Side of the Moon: Himself. And sadly, it is unequivocally evident today, that he never got the help he so desperately needed…

It’s no secret that Roger has a problem with the Jewish State…he’s been ranting for some time about their defensive acts, but was incapable of comprehending the situation.
Perhaps a simple skip down history lane would reveal if his brain damage is hereditary…

I don’t know if his mommy was a commie, but his dad sure was. A card-carrying member. And though his dad had a change-of-heart and died a war hero…his son, like Obama, attempted to follow in his father’s youthful warped ways.

Waters is a mixed bag. On the one hand, he respects wounded veterans groups (perhaps out of respect for his dad’s memory), and he stormed out of England in protest of the Hunting Act of 2004. But he has a seething, illogical hatred for the Jewish State. Now, where his anti-Semitism comes in, is hard to say. His communist, Leftist leanings could answer that. But his actions are puzzling…

— He opposed the Israeli West Bank barrier, calling it an “obscenity [that] should be torn down” (Oct. 2010).
— Later that year, he pledged his support to the Gaza Freedom March.
— And in 2011 he announced that he had joined the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

That’s a whole lotta hate there, Roger…

Sadly, if Waters would have bothered to inform himself concerning Israel, and stop “burning bridges”, he could fill the “empty spaces” between his ears with truth. So, here’s a start for the poor bloke:

— The purpose of the “wall” was to protect Israeli women & children from suicide/homicide bombers longing to make their way over to kill innocent Jews.
— Since the 2005 Israeli evacuation and the 2006 Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, Israel has maintained a naval blockade of the coastal territory under the legal position that the Strip is ruled by a hostile power. Hamas rules Gaza (voted the majority by the people), and Hamas is hostile to the very existence of the State of Israel (by their charter). Under International Law, Israel has the right to make sure that an enemy is not supplied with the means to make war.
— The BDS movement advocates the demonization of Israel and her actions. It wages a political, economic, cultural, and ideological campaign to delegitimize the State of Israel. BDS supporters make a false analogy between democratic Israel and Apartheid South Africa so as to isolate and stigmatize Israel. Israel is denied the basic human right of self-defense and Israel is blamed alone for conflict in the region.

Additional exhibitions of Water’s possible brain damage include his Star of David on an inflatable pig, followed by his lamenting the “power” of “the Jewish lobby,” and comparing Israeli government policy to that of the Nazis ( in an interview with CounterPunch).

If his friends really loved him, they’d get him on Aricept, post haste…

Now, if Waters wants to believe these perverse lies about Jews and Israel, he’s free to do it in his own little degenerating cerebrum. The problem is…they are spilling out globally, onto the gullible as well as the ghoul. And he is lending his position and notoriety to a hate campaign similar to the early days of the Third Reich.

I hope Waters will again pick up his bass…but this time smash it over his head: And put us ALL out of our misery.

Shalom through strength…



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