Planes, Trains, And Motorcades: President Smidgen Organizes The Community

Written by Donald Joy on July 25, 2014

We are entering Bizarro Land now. All hell is breaking loose overseas and on the homefront, while Barack Hussein Obama continues to shuck, jive, golf, and schmooze with billionaire democrat donors for weeks on end at a multitude of taverns, eateries, posh venues, country clubs, and resorts.

It’s raining men, women, and children

It’s literally raining hundreds of innocent civilian bodies and body parts from the sky, and thousands of deadly missiles, as passenger airliners and kindergarten buildings become set-pieces in a video nightmare, blown to bits along with their human contents for a reality horror documentary about a world gone mad.

Unidentified, far-flung, decomposing human limbs and bodies litter the towns and countrysides of war zones in various parts of Asia Minor, rotting and stinking in the summer sun and heat as unconventional armies lay traps for those who would arrive on the scenes to try to bring some semblance of sanity and order.

The Obama administration declares a selective flight ban, targeting only our ally, Israel.

All aboard the death train

Trains not designed for transporting human beings become overloaded with tens of thousands of children and dangerous criminals, carrying exotic diseases and traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles–a massive, foreign invasion of the United States from the South, cynically coordinated by our own socialist government.

Meanwhile, Israel discovers a literal underground railroad of terrorists’ tunnels into their neighborhoods from Hamas-controlled Gaza, where psychopathic, inbred Mohammedans eagerly position their own children to be blown to bits by Israel’s legitimate efforts at self-defense against the thousands of missiles targeting Israeli civilians launched from Gaza.  This is the cynical yet largely successful tactic by Hamas to gin up blindly misplaced world sympathy and support for their murderous cause, the orchestrated deaths of their own deliberately martyred children when they find it increasingly difficult to kill Israeli children.

Reports come in from France and Germany of the streets of major cities swelling with teeming mobs of wild-eyed Muslims and Hamas supporters, smashing store windows of Jewish businesses and screaming, “Gas the Jews!!”  One wonders, with disturbing alarm, what kind of horror trains might wind up being readied and operated again in Berlin.  

Punished with a presidential motorcade

One poor lady in Los Angeles yesterday just wanted to get across the street to the hospital so she could give birth to her baby (she was in labor), but found herself obstructed by Obama’s limousines and motorized security armada–phalanxes of police escorts and barricades blocked her way to the hospital entrance on the other side of the boulevard as Obama hustled past, on his way from one glitzy democrat fundraiser to the next.

The unfortunate commoner woman had to hole up in a bus stop shelter, coping with her painful birth contractions and trying to take measured breaths while Barack O’breezy’s miles-long procession rolled on through, en route for a personal visit to Hollywood producer Shonda Rhimes’ multi-million dollar mansion.

Priorities, yo.

You’re Joshing me

To help spin the plot, President Jive-ass appoints a new press secretary with an oxymoron for a name: Josh Earnest (you can’t Josh and be Earnest at the same time).  It’s as if team Obama dreamed up an aptly-named character for a Hollywood script about a dystopian present-day/future, where lies are official truth and truth gets arrested by Eric Holder’s people.

To paraphrase an example of this long-running, gruesome matinee, when a daring reporter recently asked Earnest about all the shocking, massive violence and instability spreading across the entire Middle East and beyond, and why it appears that Obama cares mainly about pursuing his glam hip-hop lifestyle instead of heading immediately to the Situation Room to get down to the business of doing his job, Earnest replied with the surreal claim that the Obama administration has “substantially improved the, uh, you know, the–the tranquility of the global community.”

It takes an organized community to hijack a child

After spending much of his time in office fomenting widespread unrest in several of the most populated Arab countries, while putting the word out that de facto amnesty was in the offing for illegal aliens, Obama now carouses bars, swills tankards of microbrews, backslaps, glad-hands, and laughs about being offered bong-hits on camera while thousands upon thousands of bewildered, conscripted children are deployed across continents by train, plane, bus, and tunnel.

The children are geo-political pawns for socialists, and human shields for terrorists.  But not to worry, the highly-focused team Obama relentlessly homes in on….fun and political fundraising.

Americans mostly just shake our heads and try to get on with our lives.  Those of us who dare protest the full-scale invasion taking place along our Southern border (among other things) face arrest by administration loyalist thugs.

Tick, tock

Obama knows the jig is eventually going to be up, and that he and his party are about to be badly stomped in the mid-term elections just over three months away.  He realizes that these summer weeks of Reconquista/Cloward-Piven are his last big chance to break the back of America before he faces what most predict will be both houses of Congress being controlled by Republicans for his last two years in office.  Miraculously, the Supreme Court has lately not been cooperating with his dictatorial, secular socialist agenda, and lower court decisions spell more bad news regarding the illegality of Obamacare and IRS abuses.

Obama has done his best to organize our domestic and world community according to his twisted vision.  Unfortunately, he has accomplished a lot.  To the extent that he has been thwarted, and will be more thwarted, he is now doubling-down in response.

Obama’s Alinsky method of “community organizing” actually results in the kind of chaos which, historically, ushers in dictatorial regimes (“redistribution” is impossible without a totalitarian police state).  Which way will things go?  Watch.  Things are about to get Biblical.  Oh wait–they already are.


Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.