Pro-2nd Amendment Statement: Boycott Google

Published on July 13, 2014

by Tommy Waldrop
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

You know I am tired of Google.  Every time I turn around I hear another story of Google acting like an Obama lackey.   

They are no longer going to allow guns and ammo to be advertised on their products.  You know they have the right as a business to run it any way they choose (unless the business is a Christian business and doesn’t want to violate its conscience, then the government steps in).  Anyway, if they don’t want to allow those types of things on their site that is their right –however, it is also our right to step up and if we believe that they should allow them, then we should no longer give them any of our hard-earned dollars that do believe in the 2nd amendment.

I know I may sound flippant but Google is taking more and more of the internet share, and if all 2nd amendment supporters quit using their products we would send them a message that it is okay for them to do what they want, but we will withdraw our support of them.
The problem is that most 2nd amendment supporters will not stop using Google products even for a few days.  

But, FYI, I have stopped using any Google products and will not allow my browsers to search on Google or anything owned by Google.  No Google play on a phone, etc. I don’t own anything that hasn’t already had all Google products removed.

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