Progressive Stupidity: Deadlier Than Ebola

Published on July 29, 2014

By Tim Young
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Don’t freak out people, but we are seriously on the brink of what could be a global epidemic with the current Ebola outbreak.

I’ve done some research into it and basically the reasons it blows up in Africa is because they don’t really clean the dead bodies when they bury them and a lot of the time, the water isn’t quite as filtered as it is here… AKA there’s someone else’s poop floating around in it. Bullet points aside, the disease is real and it’s going to make it to America.

If it was up to progressives however, we’d be left in the dark about it… why? Because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

The other night I was reading Buzzfeed … for the stupid comments of course… and the top comment on an article about Ebola reaching Nigeria was,

“Ebola is not in Nigeria the actual person who contacted the disease is a liberian who came to Nigeria but died at the hospital. America and the western media always like to report negative things about Africa when the positive news about Africa come, the look the other way. 9 out of 10 fastest growing economy in the world today is in Africa why can’t Buzzfeed write about it.”

Can we just take a moment to break down the levels of stupidity here?

First of all, if someone has the disease and even dies in the country, it’s in that country.

Secondly, and why I wrote this piece: How dare we say something bad about Africa. I mean come on… sure we’re facing a global epidemic… probably the worst one in many of our lifetimes, but we shouldn’t be pointing fingers. Why should we mention the location of a disease that has no cure and kills 90% of those infected within a few weeks when there are positive things like the economy to talk about in those countries?

This, my friends is why progressivism is more deadly than Ebola. We’re not allowed to mention facts. Facts of where diseases are located or where they come from, because we might offend someone.

The clear message from this commentator wasn’t the West insulting Africa — it’s white people being racist about black people. And that stupidity at this point, the point where we face a deadly and rapidly spreading virus, will kill us all.

After all, when our economy was in the crapper (still is by the way) and our foreign policy was weak during the last Presidential Election, Mitt Romney was mocked, called hateful, bigoted, racist and everything under the sun to shut down the literal numbers and facts that he brought up. When that didn’t work the game became mocking him … and it turned out that Mitt Romney… was right.

We’re at a point in history where the opinion of some of us is: How dare the media, the lawmakers, scientists, and those who care about this country and the world present us with actual facts? Someone’s feelings might get hurt… so we should shut them up.

We’ve already seen what happens when some of the facts are silenced in lieu of hash tags and fabricated wars on women. We’ve watched as logic and actual solutions have been defeated while we’re distracted by the smoke and mirrors issue of the day.

Now the world faces death: actual not-living-anymore death… and that fact has come face-to-face with our very friends’ and neighbors’ denial, because it can be spun as negative and racist.

I don’t want you to take this piece the wrong way. Don’t start storing freeze-dried corn and filtered rainwater…I believe that this virus will eventually be contained and it certainly won’t blow up in America the way it has overseas. But I say all that to say this:

The left’s stupidity has backfired. And it’s taught some of us to deny what could be their very extinction.


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