REMEMBER THE ALAMO: Mexican Flag-Wearing La Raza Punks Arrive in Murrieta

Published on July 8, 2014

I’ll refrain from comments because my mama said, ‘If I can’t something nice, then I shouldn’t say anything at all,’ and I don’t have anything nice to say about these La Raza punks.  Check it out Clashers.

An image posted by an activist who is protesting against the arrival of illegal immigrants in the flash point town of Murrieta shows the arrival of La Raza militants adorned with the Mexican flag.

According to Eric Odom, the La Raza members told him they were there to “protect the children.”

Murrieta has seen unrest since Friday as anti-illegal immigration activists clash with pro-amnesty protesters over the arrival of illegal immigrants, mainly children, from Central America.

As we reported earlier, those arrested for instigating violence against both anti-illegal immigration activists and police on July 4 were all pro-amnesty agitators who described themselves as “anarchist-communist.”

Despite the fact that the unrest was caused by pro-illegal groups, the federal riot police now arriving in the town have been sent ostensibly to deal with anti-immigration demonstrators.

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