ROCK-N-ROLL: Bad-Ass Tweenage Metal Band Gets $1.7Mil Record Deal

Check out the world’s most brutal metal band under 18 years of age!  Hard work pays off slackers.  Watch.  Learn.  Imitate.

This video shows one of Unlocking the Truth’s performances:

Via The Desert Sun:

The Brooklyn-based band Unlocking the Truth, comprising guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12, and bassist Alec Atkins, 13, probably heard the best news of their young lives.

The group has signed a two-album deal with Sony with a four-album option. If they find success, the band could be bringing in as much as $1.7 million dollars in total.

The boys began their rise to fame by showing off their talents while street-performing in New York.

That video went viral and drew the attention of Grammy award-winning drummer Steve Jordan who worked with Eric Clapton.


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