ROMNEY ROUND THREE: Romney Destroys NH Republican Presidential Primary Poll

Published on July 12, 2014

It looks like Americans still want more of Mitt. In a poll in New Hampshire, Chris Christie was leading the leading until they added Mitt Romney in. Romney gets a whopping 46% support from NH Republicans, with Christie and Paul following behind. Check it out…

Chris Christie narrowly leads the pack of potential Republican presidential candidates in a poll of New Hampshire residents released Friday, but Mitt Romney crushes the competition when his name is added to the field.

Christie, the cantankerous and controversial New Jersey governor, emerged as the most polarizing name on a list of 13 politicians presented during a phone poll between June 19 and July 1.

While 46 per cent of New Hampshire Republicans like him, another 36 per cent don’t. And he topped the list when GOP respondents were asked who they definitely would not vote for.

But with 19 per cent support in a hypothetical presidential primary, Christie has emerged as the flavor-of-the-month front-runner.


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