RUSH LIMBAUGH: Obama’s Border Patrol Now Taxpayer-Funded Coyotes

Published on July 4, 2014

This so jacked up it’s staggering. The question is … what now do we do about this taxpayer funded Obama orchestrated invasion?

RUSH: Let me get this straight.  I need to understand something.  The news media and even congressmen are being prevented from seeing what’s going on down on the border and in the numerous processing centers around the country, out of concern, of course, for the safety of the illegal alien children.  That’s right.  Now, meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families.  I told you this was going to happen.  I remember when I did mention this that a number of people thought, “Come on, Rush, that’s not what’s happening.”

What does it all add up to?  It certainly isn’t coincidental and it certainly isn’t an outpouring of US compassion that explains this.  There might be some of that, but that’s not what explains this.  Now, I will go out on a limb here, and I will posit the possibility that we may as well accept the fact that the Border Patrol is no longer a Border Patrol in terms of the way they’re being used by the Regime.  You could say that the Border Patrol now has been converted into taxpayer-paid coyotes.  What does a coyote do?  A coyote arranges transit for an illegal of any age from Mexico or anywhere else across the border. They come in packs. They sardine ’em in vans, you know the drill.

The Border Patrol is escorting these unaccompanied children across the border and connecting them with their so-called relatives who they’ve never met before, exactly what coyotes do.  They’re picking up where the Mexican coyotes leave off, literally.  This is gonna be a very controversial thing to say, and again, it’s obvious this is what’s happening. But so few people can get their arms around it and believe it that it sounds like, once again, I’m coming up with another bunch of extreme statements.  I’m just telling you what’s going on down there.  I could not invent this.  My mind doesn’t work this way.  I could not in any way, shape, manner form be involved.

The only way I could come up with this explanation is to watch it happen.  There’s no politics in this analysis that I’m giving you here.  I’m just telling you what’s happening, as they say, on the ground.  The Border Patrol are meeting illegal aliens at the border.  They’re escorting them to their destinations in the US as an added bonus, el freebo.  Now, unlike the Mexican coyotes, they are doing it free.  Well, not really, because we, the taxpayers, are actually paying them to do this.

And every mainstream media, every Drive-By Media report on the flood of illegals contains some boilerplate like this.  This is from an AP article.  Quote, “After being processed, the migrants will be turned over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Those planning on staying with family members or friends across the country will be taken to bus terminals or airports, but will be required to report to the nearest ICE facility for case management.”

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