‘SEXIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD’: Has Non-Liberal Views On Motherhood and Marriage

Published on July 21, 2014

Megan Fox, star of the “Transformers” series and also given the title of ‘Sexiest Woman In The World’, has some views on motherhood and marriage that will make a rad fem’s head explode. She was interviewed by Cosmo recently and was asked if her pregnancy was hot or not. She had a few things to say, check it out…

When Sandell asked if pregnancy was “hot or not?” Fox replied with “hot.” “You are creating a life inside you,” she said, “who will become a person who will change the course of history, no matter what they do.”

Continuing her praise of pregnancy, Fox told Sandell “there’s a power that comes with having a child” because “you’ve done something incredible that no man could ever do or understand.”

But, a star in the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Fox confessed her career imposes on motherhood. “I’m grateful for my career, but I also resent it because it takes me away from the thing I feel I’m meant to be doing,” she admitted. At another point, she disclosed, “Once you become a mother, especially a working mother, you feel like you can never give enough of yourself.”

Another issue Fox considered “hot”? Monogamy. “There’s no other option. You can’t be in a relationship without monogamy,” she expressed.

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