TEXANS: Obama To Visit TX, But He’s Skipping The Border To Do This

Published on July 6, 2014

Mr. Hope & Change to give Texas a visit next week, but the glory boy will not be checking out the chaos on the Rio Grande; he will be seeking this from dull Texans who are still stupid enough to give it to him.  Check this out Clashers.

From The New York Times:

When President Obama travels to Texas next week, he will come as close as he has been in weeks to the rapidly escalating border crisis that has left thousands of unaccompanied children in shelters and spurred angry protests throughout the country.

But despite being battered on all sides on the issue, a White House spokesman said Thursday that the president had no intention of visiting the border for a firsthand look at the scene of what he has called a humanitarian crisis.

“The reason that some people are suggesting the president should go to border when he’s in Texas is because they’d rather play politics than actually trying to address some of these challenges,” Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, said Thursday.

What President Obama will be doing instead is holding a fundraiser for Democrat candidates in Dallas.

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