PLEASE, GOD: Hillary Clinton, ‘I May Not Run for President Because Job Is Too Difficult’

Published on July 19, 2014

Well, maybe it will be too hard because of all the damage she has already done to this country…or maybe because she won’t be able to bring up the race card so that she can get away with doing things the American people don’t want. Either way, lets hope she sticks to this decision.

Hillary Clinton said she may not run for president because the modern American presidency may just be too tough of a job.

Acknowledging to PBS’s Charlie Rose that America’s president must be both the head of state and government, Clinton said the job of being president “has only gotten harder” and it is now an “all-consuming commitment.”

She said the president has to do “all of the symbolic and ritualistic aspects” of the job in addition to the “hard work of politicking, lobbying, governing, operating.” She said that the “job has gotten more difficult” because all those roles, including dealing with Congress to pass legislation, are “all in one person.”

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