‘THEY’RE NOT STOPPING AT TEXAS’: Rick Perry Reports 600K Crimes Committed By Illegals Over 6 Years

Sean Hannity goes to the Texas border with Governor Rick Perry to take a look at what is really going on with the ‘crisis’ that the White House seems to be enabling. Check it out…

GOV PERRY: When I met with the President Yesterday, he basically said he philosophically agreed that the border security things that we talked about, moving the border patrol forward, securing this border with National Guard troops, he philosophically agreed with. I hope his actions will follow up with that and prove that he does care about the security of this country and about dealing with this border.

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GOV PERRY: 600,000 crimes have been committed by illegal immigrants in the past six years. (TRT: 13)

GOV PERRY: They’re not just stopping in Texas, these individuals that are penetrating in. Some 600 plus thousand criminal events, by illegals, that have occurred over the last six plus years.

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