TREVOR LOUDON: An Explosive Documentary The Left Is Going To Hate

New Zealand author and researcher Trevor Loudon is making a film. The documentary, The Enemies Within, about to go into production is literally a barn burner and will cause the Left to go nuts over it.

With Trevor’s encyclopedic knowledge of the Left’s history, he will expose the enemies within and without, and bring a level of transparency to American politics that has been sorely lacking. The Enemies Within will expose the details about how a small number of hard-core Communists and Marxists have penetrated the highest levels of our government and are changing our culture with dire consequences to all of us.

Trevor is a gifted speaker with a brilliant mind; as a bonus, he loves America and is doing absolutely everything he can to save her!

Trevor is available for interviews; talking about the movie, the communists within and how Conservatives can bring America back from the brink.

                         The Enemies Within on IndieGoGo


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