UH-OH! Juan Williams’ Wife Wants A Gun

Written by S.C. Sherman on July 19, 2014

Recently Fox News Contributor and big time gun control proponent Juan Williams’ wife got robbed. In fact, her car got carjacked. Thankfully, she wasn’t in it. She was standing by the pump getting ready to fill it up with some evil gasoline when along comes a young entrepreneur. He was in the business of stealing cars and scaring the crap out of ladies. He succeeded at both.

Her reaction to being victimized and her property stolen…she stated, “I wish I had a gun!” Uh-oh…Juan, sounds like a rift in the Williams house. Momma wants a gun and Daddy is a national spokesman against people having them. Juan went so far after the Fort Hood shooting to say the entire country should be a gun-free zone. Really? Where’s your wife gonna live then? An entirely gun free America? Wow, that’s an interesting idea and actually the real desire of gun control advocates…if they were ever truly honest.

What is the natural reaction for someone who has been the victim of a crime? A desire for it to never happen again! Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Well, that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re a lovely lady living in our fallen world.

How can a woman expect to stop a strapping young man from doing anything he truly wants to do? Don’t go all ninja warrior woman on me…most women on the planet can’t overpower a man with a mission. Or at least a man on drugs with a mission…will you give me that? The only way for a woman to have the upper hand in a violent situation is through superior firepower.

God created man…Sam Colt made ‘em equal. Sam especially made the women equal. And all the ladies say, Thanks, Sam!

That brings me to what kind of gun should Juan get for his wife? How about a trusty Colt 1911? Or maybe a Ruger LCP? There are lot’s of guns the ladies like. Juan should ask his good friend, Sean Hannity, to help him out. He’s a well known gun advocate and personally carries. Gun people are always excited to help someone new into the fold. He’d be happy to help and think of the photo-op, Sean and Juan in the local gun store picking out a pistol. Good times.

Not so much if you’re part of the crazy anti-gun movement! Juan can’t leave that reservation…he’d never get invited to any of the cool liberal parties again. However, at least his wife could protect herself from being a victim.

I just found out that awhile ago some very clever liberals like Sarah Silverman and Jordi from Star Trek, Next Generation, made a video designed to mock the NRA, but in so doing showed how stupid and racist they are. They made a video about the Black NRA. Never heard of it? Me either…I found this nugget because some incredibly bright and witty black men decided to kinda-sorta push back against the racism and hypocrisy. Watch this video for some great information and a few laughs!

I hope Juan sees the light and buys his family a little bit of security found in a weapon. It’s his Second Amendment right to do it, even if he is adamantly against it. He doesn’t have to tell his liberal friends. He could be discreet. With true concealed carry…no one should ever know. Juan…it could be our little secret.

Funny how people are usually against guns right up until they need one, and by then it’s too late to do any good. With no gun, there’s nothing left to do but get on your knees and pray, which I’m all for. I love praying to my Lord. I also have no desire to meet Him face-to-face before my times up. I like the idea of finishing the race. Therefore, in our violent world I pray to have the right to return fire in the face of danger. Call me crazy, I guess I read too many Louis L’Amour books as a teenager!

I’d rather send the evil-doer to the other side than be a victim. As Regis Giles of www.girlsjustwannahaveguns.com, so eloquently put it on a recent TV interview…God’s OK with killing a rapist…if not, He’ll just have to forgive me! Well said. I believe He would forgive Regis for decreasing the carbon footprint on some psycho. She’d be doing the planet a favor getting rid of a dirt bag.

Gun sales are going through the roof in America across all ethnic groups and especially women. So don’t feel too bad, Juan. Your wife is not alone in her desire to live free, safe, and armed. I hope you bought her a gun, even if you had to have Hannity go pick it up for you, except it’s not legal to do that kind of a “straw purchase”. I suppose you could pull some strings and get it done. You guys can call it Operation Fast & Furious unless that’s already been used for something.

Juan, buy your wife a gun. Isn’t her safety worth a little hypocrisy, don’t you think? Oh wait…if Juan lives in New York, fawgettaboudit. Good luck getting a gun there!


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S.C. Sherman
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