YIKES: Watch This Cop Beat The Stuffing Out Of This Chick

Published on July 5, 2014


I don’t know what this lady did to make this cop flip out but it sure looks like it was a tad excessive.  What do you think Clashers? Too much or whatever?

Via YouTube video description:

The pedestrian disobeyed the officer’s order to stop as she crossed a road then resisted arrest, the Highway Patrol said.

The California Highway Patrol says it has opened an investigation after one of its officers was filmed repeatedly punching a woman in the face on a Los Angeles road.

An onlooker in a passing car captured Tuesday evening’s confrontation and uploaded the shocking clip, entitled “Police Brutality?”, to YouTube.

The footage shows the officer on foot crossing a busy dual carriageway to accost a woman walking across the central reservation.

He pins her to the ground on the grassy strip and delivers a flurry of blows as she lies flat on her back.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said in a statement to KABC-TV that the officer had ordered the pedestrian to stop, but she disobeyed him.

According to the CHP, the officer then tried to place her under arrest because he feared she might be hurt crossing the lanes of traffic.

“A physical altercation ensued as the pedestrian continued to resist arrest, at which point a plain clothes, off-duty officer assisted in applying the handcuffs,” the CHP statement said.