YUP, THEY’RE OUT THERE: Austin Earth-Car and Sticker Stupidity

Written by ++++Allen on July 27, 2014

I was in Austin recently. I went there with my gun loving, girly red-neck daughter. We were visiting my other daughter and running interference as her divorce was getting nasty.

I have heard that Austin is a shame to the rest of Texas because of its liberal wacko ways, and I so agree as a result of my journey there. While sitting at a stoplight, I glanced over and spied a little earth-car in the next lane ahead of my SUV, then I noticed the Wendy Davis for governor sticker on its rear window, OMG…I couldn’t believe my eyes. I burst out laughing, and had to capture this pic…so I whipped out my brand-spanking-new i-phone and snapped away. Perfect absurd sticker and car for this leftist white dude to possess…I can bet he eats organic, loves hemp products and hates guns, too.

In case some in America don’t know who Wendy Davis is, she is the Texas representative who, awhile back, delivered a filibuster while wearing pink tennis shoes. And just what was she attempting to run a blockade for?…Governor Rick Perry’s proposed legislation of limiting the killing of the pre-born, including a gestation period of the 5th month and beyond. Wendy vehemently opposed this proposed law and was fighting for women’s legal right to kill their babies up to and into the 9 month, aka unlimited abortion….all under the guise of women’s health care rights…Hmmm, more like Wendy’s a hero of death. Her followers outside the capital building were chanting “Hail Satan” (I saw that on a youtube video). Well, they certainly gave credit to whom credit is due.

America’s nightly news sung the praises of this blood-loving death queen for weeks; she was and is the medias darling. Well, I have a different view of Cruella Deville, but instead of making a coat out of Dalmatian puppies–which is bad enough–Wendy’s coat is made of human baby flesh, not unlike the Nazi skin lampshades made from another generation’s human horror.

On the other side of the aisle, my hero Ted Cruz also ran a filibuster in Washington, where he, among other readings, read Dr. Seuss aloud for his children at their usual bedtime. Now, here is a principled man who will not make back room deals with the liberal left or bend to the whims of the in-name-only-Republicans, aka RINO’s…and the nightly media hates Ted, no praises from them rang out for Ted, who did the same legislative act as Wendy; instead they mocked him for his bedtime storybook read.

So, back to the blue earth-car dude, who by the way appeared to be about my age…Hey dude, you should know better by now in life. Maybe he thinks the Wendy sticker is a chick magnate…Well, that depends on what kind of chick one is trying to attract. Have you seen most of the Wendy’s followers, aka angry baby haters?…they appear to be mostly hard core Birkenstock wearing, lesbian types that no real man in his right mind would be attracted to. Either way, I would have loved to give blue boy a piece of my mind–which I have been known to do–in reference to his car and sticker stupidity.

About 20 years ago, I happened along on a Clinton for president bumper sticker; the whole car was plastered with the usual, don’t-eat-meat and co-exist type stickers…LOL. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that hippie car, it lives on only in my memory.

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