BAD COPS: Meet A Town That’s Had Enough of Militarized Policing

A small town in Michigan is standing up to their over-sized militarized police presence after an incident that left a bar owner with a broken hand and bloody elbows, and arrested and charged with a two year felony. See below…

Barry Township, Michigan, with a population of about 4,000, has four full-time police officers, four part-time officers, two Humvees, two armored personnel carriers (free, courtesy of theDefense Department’s 1033 program)—and, until recently, about three dozen unpaid but armed and empowered reserve police officers patrolling the streets. All those cops need to find something to do with themselves, and many of the people of Barry Township are more than a bit bent out of shape that they’ve been on the receiving end of that something.

The township’s insurance company finally forced the police chief to make his small army of reserve officers stand down and confine themselves to special events (it also forced the town of Oakley, population 290, to put its army of 100 reserve officers on ice).

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