BOOM: Eric Holder Was Just Smacked Down By Federal Court Over Voter ID

Published on August 9, 2014

Eric Holder got owned by a Federal Court today when they refused to block a voter ID law in North Carolina that would require voters to prove citizenship with a valid ID in order to vote. The DOJ attacked the voter ID law with a lawsuit. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch had this to say about the Federal Court decision and how it would affect Holder:

“It is an embarrassing defeat for the Holder Justice Department. The court’s decision eviscerates Eric Holder’s politicized and racially inflammatory legal assault on commonsense election integrity measures. The court expressly rejected the Department of Justice’s contention that minorities are harmed by commonsense measures that help secure honest elections. The court’s dramatic rejection of Holder’s legal theory shows that that the DOJ’s lawsuit, which was coordinated with political activists at the White House, was always more about cynical political and racial appeals than upholding the law.”

Read more: NC Opinion On Voter ID, (h/t Western Journalism)




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