BUSTED: Pics Of Married Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones Getting Busy With Two Chicks Used In Blackmail Attempt

Published on August 6, 2014

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys who has been married for 50 years, has been caught in some compromising pictures with two young women in a bathroom. Uh-oh. This could get ugly. Check it out…

The married 71-year-old owner of the Dallas Cowboys is the subject of an alleged extortion plot, it has emerged, after photographs of a man who appears to be Jerry Jones in compromising positions with young women were published online.

The photos published over the weekend in a strange 20-page manifesto attributed to a Dallas ‘entrepreneur’, claim to show Jones grabbing one blonde woman’s breasts. In another shot, a brunette woman on her knees grins as she leans her head against the man’s pelvic area.

The man who published the photos, that have appeared in several publications including the Huffington Post, claims they were taken by someone else to extort Jones, who is worth an estimated $2.7billion.
Jones has not yet issued a statement on the pictures.

Jones appears to be in a restroom with both women in the two pictures.
The photos are potentially especially scandalous considering Jones has been married to his 72-year-old wife Gene for 50 years.

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