CAN YOU SAY ‘OUCH’? Sexual Hang Ups and Obsession

Written by Candace Hardin on August 12, 2014

I am quite confused about the obsession with sex and sexual practices that many religions find necessary to maintain morality.

I am not sure if these restrictions spring from a true desire to maintain purity, simple ignorance or if the makers of such laws just enjoy causing their followers sexual agony. Perhaps, they get some kind of personal kick out of it.

The history of circumcision is well known, Abram being 99 years old, was called to walk with God. God made the circumcision of every eight day old male child a covenant between Him and Abraham’s descendants. At that time, God required that the grown men of Abraham and his tribe be circumcised to show the world their ties to God.

Modern medicine will allow that circumcision is healthier to both sexes and helps to restrict the passage of sexually transmitted diseases.

God called for this procedure for male, (and only male,) infants upon the eighth day of their life.

So, exactly what is the reason for a “season of circumcision,” as practiced by the Bukusu tribe in Kenya?

Not only do they oblige their young men, not infants, to participate in the season of circumcision, they will force members of other, unbelieving tribes to submit to the knife. One young man has been maimed for life due to an overzealous knife wielder.

Why is it that the groups who put the most restrictions on sexual activity, seem to have the most hang ups and obsessions about sex?

Sex is a natural human desire and condition. It was not created as an evil, but as an expression of love between two people. It allows for two people who are so very different to live together and release the stress of cohabitation and daily life.

Optimally, it is best restrained within a mutually monogamous relationship.

However, as with anything that is taboo, perversion is likely to follow the natural repression of a human condition.

Every religion has restrictions on premarital sexual activity for moral reasons, but forcing human beings to submit to the man-made prohibitions of the founder’s sexual didoes is barbaric.

Mutilation of a man or woman in this way is wrong, and adulterates the original covenant of God and Abraham.



Candace Hardin
Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.