CNN GETS PUNKED, AGAIN: Legendary Prank Caller Punks CNN With His Cali Quake Coverage

Published on August 25, 2014

CNN got prank called (again) by one of Howard Stern’s prank call minions during their coverage of the recent earthquake in California. Check it out…

Howard Stern’s loyal prank calling minions have struck again, this time live on CNN.

The news network was in the middle of covering northern California’s 6.0 earthquake on Sunday morning when Adam Sure, a spokesperson for the San Francisco police department called in with an update.

Only that’s not who it was at all. CNN had invited legendary Stern-loving prank caller Captain Janks on-air and the result was outrageous as always.

The earthquake was, in fact, ‘a rumbling from Howard Stern’s butt crack’ Captain Janks deadpanned.

The host quickly apologized for exposing viewers to such vulgarity ‘so early in the morning’ and Janks, real name Tom Cipriano, was yanked off the air.

But some wires may have subsequently become crossed over at CNN headquarters because, claims Cirpiano, the network called him for a phone interview again after the prank.

Read more: Daily Mail

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