COL. OLIVER NORTH: ‘Delaying Action In Syria Is Tantamount To Neglect’

Published on August 30, 2014

Col. Oliver North slams the Obama administration for their inaction with ISIS. Check it out…

Col. Oliver North was on “Hannity” tonight, where he slammed the administration on its lack of strategy with ISIS.

“The bottom line of it is, what ISIS intends to do […] is they intend to send Americans back to this country, who’ve now learned how to make suicide vests, get on the metro here in Washington, or up there in New York, and blow themselves up. Does anyone remember Madrid? Does anyone remember London? That’s what we’re facing, and to delay action in Syria because this president can’t make up his mind is tantamount to neglect on the part of this White House.”

Read more: Fox News Insider

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