‘THE COP WAS RIGHT IN SHOOTING MIKE BROWN’: Supporters Of Darren Wilson Rally In Ferguson Amidst Confrontations

Published on August 24, 2014

Supporters of Officer Darren Wilson continue to stand by him in Ferguson, and have raised $235,000 for him. See below…

Officer Darren Wilson’s supporters staged a public rally on Saturday in Ferguson where they claimed Michael Brown’s death was ‘warranted and justified’ and promised the cop their ‘unwavering support.’

Having successfully raised $235,000 online for the controversial officer, The Support Officer Darren Campaign has become far more vocal in recent days, with the outdoor rally attracting a sizeable crowd in the bright afternoon sun.

One woman took issue with the pro-Wilson protest 10 miles south of Ferguson. Sondra Fifer, of St. Louis, told the protesters at Barney’s Sports Pub in St. Louis: ‘I’m not against officers, I’m against police brutality’

Addressed by a woman who, in a symbolic gesture of solidarity, declared her name was Darren Wilson, shared her supporters opinion that the Ferguson officer is the victim in the story.

Thanking the media for covering the event, the woman chastised reporters for showing ‘strong bias against supporters of Officer Wilson.’

To large cheers, the woman said that she believes it is this that has ‘intensified the destruction of Ferguson’ and declared that Wilson’s supporters ‘have no desire to engage with the negativity and hate which has stopped….the pursuit of justice.’

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