EARTH TO SPIKE LEE: ‘If Black Men are an Endangered Species, Then the Hunters Are Other Black Men!’

Published on August 22, 2014

Niger Innis slams Spike Lee for his comment on a supposed ‘war on the black male’. Check it out…

On Wednesday, leftist actor Spike Lee inserted himself into the mayhem occurring in Ferguson, Missouri, claiming on CNN that “there’s a war on the black male, and it’s tearing this country apart.” 

Civil rights activist and Executive Director of,  Niger Innis, appeared with guest host David Asman on Cavuto  on Fox Business to discuss Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s arrival into the powder keg of Ferguson, MO. 

Innis pointed out,  “If young black men are indeed an endangered species, then the hunter, unfortunately and tragically, are other young black men,” Innis affirmed.

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