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EMPTY ROARING: Cowardly Republican Lions

Remember the lion from the Wizard of Oz. He would roar in an attempt to scare people, but when confronted he would cower in fear, trembling and crying. That is the best analogy I can think of for the current batch of congressional Republicans, with a few exceptions like Ted Cruz. This week, they launched another stunt intended to impress, like the lion. They voted to sue President Obama for failing to enforce the ACA, aka Obama Care.

I thought that we elected the Republicans to the House majority in 2010 because they promised to stop Obama Care. So, now they are suing to force Obama to implement Obama Care. That’s great! I wonder, just who they are attempting to impress because anyone with a brain knows that this lawsuit will never accomplish anything and that it is pure theater Even if they were able to obtain a favorable judgment, which will take years to wind its way through the courts, who is going to enforce this judgment? Eric Holder? Will it be the next President (probably Elizabeth Warren)? I suspect that this stunt is intended to mollify the base of the party that is fed up with the impotent opposition to Obama from these “leaders”.

While orchestrating this stunt, Republicans, led by John Boehner the cry baby, have shouted from the roof tops that they will not impeach Obama. They have taken the only constitutional weapon that they have off of the table. The Democrats have accused them of wanting to impeach and Obama has as much as dared them to do it. But Boehner insists that impeachment is off the table. Why? What are they afraid of?

Obama is at his lowest approval rating of his term. He is guilty of numerous crimes. Start with using the IRS to harass his political opponents. How about Obama’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws? There is fast and Furious, Benghazi and outright support of official terror groups such as ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The case can be made that Obama is a jihadist at war with America. But the Republicans are going to sue him instead of impeaching him.

The response from the Republican opposition has been weak with every new scandal. It took Boehner two years to appoint a select committee with greater powers to investigate Benghazi. We’re still waiting on a select committee to investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives. We’ve seen oversight committee hearings with noise, speeches and hoopla that accomplish nothing. It’s just theater Obama and Holder thumb their nose at every attempt. CIA Director Brennan has lied to Congress twice about the spying activities of his agency. There are no consequences. If an ordinary citizen lied to Congress, they would be locked up.

So, what are they afraid of? Are they afraid of being called racists by Democrats and the media? It’s already happening! I watched Juan Williams on Fox News Sunday say that all opposition to Obama is from white people and is therefore racist! Are we going to let Juan Williams determine how we govern? On the same show, Representative Steve King, normally a feisty Tea Party spokesman appeared as a deer in the headlights when questioned about the impeachment issue. He couldn’t even bring himself to say the word, calling it the “i… word”.

I believe that most congressional Republicans, especially the leadership, fundamentally do not trust the American people. Most have been in Congress long enough to remember what happened when they impeached Bill Clinton and they are crippled by that memory. But, we are living in a different time with a completely different criminal President. Most Americans realize that.

This week the Republican leaders attempted to pass an immigration funding measure which would basically give Obama everything he wants without doing anything to prevent him from granting more amnesty. The American people lit up the congressional switchboard in protest and Boehner had to withdraw his bill because Tea Party Republicans led by Ted Cruz refused to support it.

The people do not support what this President is doing, but Boehner is still living in 1998. The Republican leaders want the people to trust them, but they don’t trust us. The leaders will do everything in their power to destroy Ted Cruz. It was Ted Cruz that was willing to deny funding to Obama Care which is a legitimate constitutional power of Congress, but the leadership backed down in fear then as well. They roared, but when Obama didn’t blink, they cried and cowered in the corner.

The greatest power that Ronald Reagan possessed was his connection to the people. He trusted the American people. One of his famous quotes is “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” The speech writers tried to delete it. They were afraid of what the media would say. They were afraid that the media would once again portray him as a war monger. Reagan kept it in because he wasn’t afraid of the press and he trusted the people.

This country sorely needs such leadership today to oppose this criminal, Obama. Tea Party people need to send a clear message to Republican leaders that we’re not going to support theater We will support those who are willing to take brave action.



Rick David

Rick David retired from a career in business in 2011. His experience includes service in the USAF, in medical sales and in operations for an educational testing company. He has a passion for and has been actively engaged in conservative issue advocacy and campaigning for over 30 years. He currently resides in North Liberty, Iowa where he also served as a church pastor with his wife of 43 years and travels extensively volunteering in lay ministry.