EXCESS DARKNESS: Why Some of Us Feel Bad About the Death of Robin Williams

Powerful commentary by James Delingpole on Williams life and death. See below…

Robin Williams is dead and I can’t remember when I felt quite so cut up about the premature death of a Hollywood star.

This is particularly odd given that I never could stand a single one of his movies

But now that he’s gone – and in such sad circumstances – I’ve a suspicion that those like me who were always allergic to Williams’s comedy may now reconsider their position and will watch his films in a completely new light.

What I always found offputting about his stuff was its mix of cloying, mawkish sentiment and its manic desperation to please.

Now, though, I’ve belatedly realised that it wasn’t a case of a smug, childish, overpaid Hollywood star who’d done too much therapy inflicting his talent on you. It was a cry for help. Once you appreciate it this, I think it makes all that saccharine and eagerness-to-please so much more understandable and forgivable: they were the product not of too much light but of an excess of darkness.

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