EXCESS DARKNESS: Why Some of Us Feel Bad About the Death of Robin Williams

Published on August 12, 2014

Powerful commentary by James Delingpole on Williams life and death. See below…

Robin Williams is dead and I can’t remember when I felt quite so cut up about the premature death of a Hollywood star.

This is particularly odd given that I never could stand a single one of his movies

But now that he’s gone – and in such sad circumstances – I’ve a suspicion that those like me who were always allergic to Williams’s comedy may now reconsider their position and will watch his films in a completely new light.

What I always found offputting about his stuff was its mix of cloying, mawkish sentiment and its manic desperation to please.

Now, though, I’ve belatedly realised that it wasn’t a case of a smug, childish, overpaid Hollywood star who’d done too much therapy inflicting his talent on you. It was a cry for help. Once you appreciate it this, I think it makes all that saccharine and eagerness-to-please so much more understandable and forgivable: they were the product not of too much light but of an excess of darkness.

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