EXPENSIVE BOOBS: Woman Smuggles $120,000 Of Cocaine To Spain In Her Fake Ta-Ta’s

Well, that’s a new method of smuggling drugs. Is cutting open your breasts to put drugs in them really worth it? Ouch. Check it out…

A woman has been arrested at Madrid airport after confessing to hiding £70,000 worth of cocaine in her breasts.

The 43-year-old Venezuelan woman used two plastic bags containing 3.75lbs (1.7kg) of cocaine as breast implants to get through customs at the airport in the Spanish capital.

The woman was singled out when she arrived at customs, due to her nervous appearance, but officials found nothing after searching her possessions.

The woman had just arrived on a flight from Bogota, Colombia, and officers took her to one side due to her behaviour as she went through customs at Madrid airport.

Although nothing was found in her luggage, customs officials ordered a full body search.

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