FERGUSON COP BREAKS HIS SILENCE: Darren Wilson, ‘I can’t go out, the support is really keeping me going’

Wilson has to hide from lynch mobs thanks to CNN and others who gave out his address. Check it out…

The policeman who shot dead a black teenager in St Louis has revealed he is under 24-hour guard and ‘can’t go out’ at this ‘stressful time’ in his first comments since the killing.

Darren Wilson text messaged a close friend to say that he can’t leave protective custody because he would be immediately recognized – making him and his young child a target.

In his messages Wilson, 28, also thanked for the support of his friends which he said was ‘really keeping me going’.

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He had texted Jake Shepard, his friend of 14 years, who showed the messages to MailOnline because he wanted the public to get a more accurate picture of the friend he described as always having ‘pure intentions’.



Friday, August 15 

(After Shepard does CNN interview)

Wilson: ‘Thanks buddy I wasn’t expecting that

Shepard: ‘No problem buddy, you deserve it’

Wilson: ‘It means a lot thank you’


Monday, August 18: 

Wilson: ‘The support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe. I appreciate all you have done’


Wilson: ‘I can’t go out’

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