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GIRLIE MAN: Kremlin Mocks Obama’s Masculinity By Posting A Pic Of BHO With A Poodle And Putin With A Leopard


Not only is Obama mocked for his silence on the world stage right now, but now for apparently not being ‘manly’ enough. Check it out…

Russia’s deputy prime minister has tweeted a picture mocking Barack Obama’s masculinity just days after the U.S. president announced a fresh wave of sanctions against the country.

Dmitry Rogozin uploaded an image of Russian president Vladimir Putin posing with a leopard alongside an image of Obama holding a white poodle.

The peculiar display of one-upmanship was captioned ‘We have different values ​​and allies,’ making it clear what the Kremlin thinks of the U.S. president and his Western counterparts amid heightened tensions following the shooting down of flight MH17 in Ukraine, which left 298 people dead.

Rogozin’s image has so far been retweeted more than 1,000 times and is the latest attempt by Russian officials to present Putin as an ultra-manly figure.

He has previously posed for staged photographs topless on horseback, swimming at sea, embracing a polar bear and hang-gliding with migratory birds.

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