GO WHITE BOY, GO WHITE BOY GO!: Check Out The T-Shirt That Is Sure to Offend PC Punks

Written by Gayne C. Young on August 1, 2014

Be sure to offend those who need to be offended in Shelf Life Clothing’s new “Caucasians” t-shirt.

Shelf Life Clothing released the shirt way back in 2007 but has seen the design sell through the roof in past months thanks to the liberal uproar over the “offensively” named  Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians.

This, my friends, is America at its best: capitalizing financially on the outcries of a few.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Chick-fil-A.

Check it out below:

If all of our greatest cultural problems could be solved with hilarious t-shirts, I’d like to think that world peace would have been achieved the first time that Booger rocked the “Who Farted?” design. Alas, all the witty slogans and ironic images in the world can’t stop this marble from spinning out of control, except for maybe one t-shirt that has been sold by Shelf Life Clothing since 2007. Thanks to some controversy involving A Tribe Called Red’s Deejay NDN and the ensuing Internet buzz, Shelf Life’s “Caucasians” design sold like crazy in July, and the buzz doesn’t seem to be dying down, what with the increasing attention being given to sports franchises like the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians.

This week, the Toronto Star reported how Tracy Bomberry bought her own Caucasians shirt after reading about a potential boycott of A Tribe Called Red, and she claimed that she received “plenty of favorable comments” when she wore it to a Six Nations of the Grand River powwow. Already an ironic favorite among Indians fans – Shelf Life is based in Cleveland – the Caucasians shirt became a big hit on reservations thanks to Campeau’s story, and this month has been a stellar one for Shelf Life.

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