GOOD LAWD: Topless Strippers Protest Church (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Published on August 10, 2014

A strip club in Ohio organized a topless protest outside of a church today after claiming that they have been “harassed” by members of the congregation for several years now. See below…

By Jessica Martinez

Exotic Dancers from an Ohio strip club are set to protest topless on Sunday in front of a church that has been protesting against their establishment for over eight years.

The Fox Hole strip club owner, Thomas George, has tried suing New Beginnings Ministries from Warsaw, Ohio in the past, but hopes his employees’ upcoming indecent demonstration gets his message across.

“We’ve been backed into a corner, and they continue to harass the customers,” said George, according to USA Today. “I don’t want to use nudity, but obviously he (pastor) doesn’t understand the meaning of just go away.”

The feud between New Beginnings Ministries’ pastor Bill Dunfee and George has been escalating through the years as church members usually protest by standing at the club’s parking lot to voice their disapproval of the strip joint.

However, Dunfee notes that Geroge’s problem is not merely because his members disapprove but also because patrons have turned away from the club due to their protests and because at least one stripper has left the club to commit her life to Christ.

In the past, Dunfee’s church has also extended a helping hand to the strippers by offering them housing, food and money for their personal bills.

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Here is some footage and pictures taken on the day of the protests by Clash Daily reader, Dave Daubenmire. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)


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