HEY, GAZA: Spare Me Your Manipulative Dead Baby Photos

Published on August 4, 2014

James Delingpole slams the Palestinian propaganda in this little screed. Check this out via Breitbart

Did you see the photograph of the Middle Eastern boy blown apart in an explosion?

I did, unfortunately. Someone insisted on posting it in my Twitter timeline. For my education, presumably.

The boy – no older than five – was on a hospital bed. It must have happened very recently because there was still colour in his face. His eyes were closed and his expression – he can’t have seen it coming, thank God – was serene. You might almost have imagined him asleep, if it weren’t for the fact that his body was in bits: head and severed torso; an arm; legs and lower body; entrails.

Whoever did this, I thought, is really, really sick.

But I didn’t mean the Israelis – who, I imagine, were the people I was expected to blame. Rather, I meant the sicko who scooped up the boy’s remains while they were still fresh and insisted on laying them out, like some grotesque jigsaw, in order to snap them artfully for a propaganda shot. And also, all the sickos out there who have been reposting photos like these all over the internet in order to make what they seem to imagine is an unarguable point about Israel’s war on Hamas.

The point they are trying to make goes like this: here is a dead child; killing children is evil; Israel killed this child; therefore Israel is evil.

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