HOPE & BANDITOS: 600 Plus ‘Criminal’ Illegals Released in 2013 Because of Budget Shortfalls

Published on August 13, 2014

Garsh.  Maybe if BHO cuts his $44mil worth of vacations in half these illegal zombies wouldn’t be unleashed on our streets.  Check it out.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency released more than 600 criminal aliens into the U.S. amid a budget shortfall in 2013, an audit of the department released today revealed.

The year-long investigation found that ICE released 2,226 illegal immigrants in February 2013 just before the sequestration went into effect in an effort to cut costs.

On the weekend of February 23 alone, the inspector general report says ICE released 1,450 illegal immigrants.

Conservative news website The Daily Signal, which first obtained the audit, reports that 617 of the aliens released were criminals whose detention was mandatory.

The Houston and Phoenix areas saw the largest number of criminals releases, while the largest total number of immigrant releases occurred in the Phoenix and San Diego areas.

Immigration officials ‘did not release aliens they considered a danger to the community,’ however, the audit states.

While ICE initially told Congress that the releases were tied to budget cuts caused by the sequestration the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General says the agency was already facing a $90 million budget shortfall.

‘ICE did not anticipate the potential consequences of its decision to release 1,450 immigration detainees over one weekend,’ the watchdog agency’s report states. ‘As a result, ICE was unprepared to respond to congressional inquiries about the detainee releases and provided incorrect data.’

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