THE INSTIGATOR: How A St. Louis Man Spawned The “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Mike Brown Controversy & Created The “Eye Witness” Accounts

Published on August 30, 2014

Some are now saying that the witness stories are not matching up from the Michael Brown shooting. Check it out from The Conservative Treehouse

The primary witnesses used to create what we’ll call ‘the media narrative’ were and are: Dorian Johnson, Piaget Crenshaw, and Tiffany Mitchell.

A few days later Michael Brady surfaced, but Brady didn’t follow the same script – and we’ve discovered why.

To understand the origin of the “Hands Up” tale it helps to have a firm understanding of where each of the players are AT THE MOMENT the shooting took place.

Tiffany Mitchell was arriving to the apartment complex in her car to pick up Piaget Crenshaw for work. Tiffany’s car pulled in as the shooting took place.

Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany’s friend, was in her apartment.

As Piaget Crenshaw explained, Tiffany had just called Piaget to tell her she had arrived, when Tiffany noticed something happening down the street in front of Piaget’s apartment.

Minutes earlier, according to Michael Brady, Dorian Johnson, Mike Brown’s strong-arm robbery cohort, had taken up a hiding position behind a parked two-door white -or silver- vehicle located on the sidewalk.

Moments later, as Tiffany Mitchell was walking to her friends apartment, Dorian retreated further to the parking lot between where Tiffany’s car and Piaget’s apartment were located.

Witness Michael Brady was in his apartment at the West side of that parking area – originally looking out his window as a consequence of hearing the voices, shouts, and initial scuffle at Wilson’s SUV.

You’ll note all of these people are essentially in the North Western region of the crime scene. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO FURTHER UNDERSTANDING.

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