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MY KIND OF YOUTH GROUP: Youth Group Launches “Big Government Sucks!” Project

More than 700 Campuses will participate in the latest project by Turning Point USA, the fastest growing conservative youth group in the country. The “Big Government Sucks!” Project aims to reach out to Millennials and convince them to support liberty, just in time for the 2014 elections. Check it out…

More Than 700 Campuses to Participate Nationwide in 10-Week Effort to Persuade Millennials to Support Liberty

Chicago, IL – Turning Point USA, the nation’s fastest growing conservative youth group, will launch their “Big Government Sucks!” Project this week on more than 700 campuses nationwide.

The “Big Government Sucks!” Project (learn more at will last for 10 weeks leading up to the 2014 election. Here are the themes for the 10 weeks: 1.) Student Activist Week, 2.) Capitalism Cures Week, 3.) National Debt Awareness Week, 4.) Constitution/Free Speech Week, 5.) Keep Calm and Keep More Stuff Week, 6.) NSA: They’re Listening Week, 7.) No Free Lunch Week, 8.) Great Youth Depression Week, 9.) No to Obamacare Week, 10.) 10 Reasons Why Big Government Sucks Week.

Charlie KirkFounder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, said, “Young Americans need to be woken up for the 2014 elections, and this project is growing like a wild fire—it’s edgy, it’s provocative, and it’s working.”

“The economy and natural, youthful individualism is making college voters open to fresh ideas.”

Founded in 2012, Turning Point USA is dedicated to mobilizing young people around limited government, personal freedom, and capitalism.

See more at Turning Point USA



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