MAN STUFF: Vet Loses Leg In Iraq But That Doesn’t Stop Him From Becoming A Pro-Westler

Published on August 10, 2014

Video from Fox News Latino

Most people would crawl up in the fetal position and live on pity and handouts the rest of their lives but not this warrior.  Check it out.

A heroic Iraq War veteran has overcome a life-threatening injury to become a professional wrestler.

Purple Heart recipient Chris Melendez, from East Harlem, New York, lost his left leg in an IED explosion eight years ago, but was recently signed to a multi-year contract with the TNA Impact Wrestling League.

The 27-year-old made his professional wrestling debut last week, during a three-day TNA taping at the Manhattan Center, where he beat two other competitors during the August 8 fights.

In a TNA pres release, Melendez says he was inspired to join the military by his father, who was a Vietnam War veteran.

So he enlisted at the age of 17, following the aftermath of the September 11 attacks that left his home city shaken.

But less than a month before his two-year-stint was up in 2006, Melendez was hit in an IED explosion.

‘When I was able to open my eyes after the explosion I looked across the battlefield to see what I thought was a fellow-soldier in need of help,’ Melendez said in a TNA press release. ‘I quickly realized it was my leg.’

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