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MAYHEM IN AMERICA: 2 Shot As Violence Rocks Ferguson for 9th Night

The riots continue for a ninth night in Ferguson. What are these people gonna do after their entire city is destroyed when they finish? See below…

The state trooper charged with quelling protests in Ferguson has claimed that ‘violent agitators’ are using largely peaceful demonstrations as an excuse to commit crime.

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson also said that some of those arrested had traveled across the country, from as far afield as New York and California, to take advantage of the town’s unsettled state.

His comments follow a ninth night of violence in which two people were shot – with police using stun grenades and tear gas on protesters who hurled rocks and bottles and in some cases Molotov cocktails.

This morning, he said: ‘This nation is watching each and every one of us.

‘I am not going to let the criminals that have come here from across this country, or live in this neighborhood, define this community. We do not want to lose another life.’

The state trooper has also requested that protests take place during daylight hours from now on, claiming that there was a ‘dangerous dynamic in the night.’

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