MEDIA JIHAD ON ISRAEL: The Precipice Of Propaganda

Written by Audrey Russo on August 6, 2014

If you’ve been watching the Hamas-Israel conflict, and you believe that you’ve been receiving facts on the REAL war in the Middle East: You would be wrong. 

The real war is the MEDIA war…on Israel…or in this case: The Media Jihad on Israel.
As fresh as the 24/7 news cycle tries to be, they keep repeating the same old “mistakes” when the story concerns Israel and any of its enemy neighbors. To know from people on the ground in Israel, the truth of what is actually occurring…it suddenly becomes surreal, if you happen to get the “facts” from Western Media outlets. The players somehow magically switch positions. Israel, the victim…suddenly becomes the aggressor.

And this is how it occurs…

Thanks to the superb work of, below is a sample of the”coverage”:
— The Sydney Morning Herald posted a cartoon that repugnantly pictured a Jewish man in a recliner atop a hill with a remote, viewing the conflict as entertainment. This was a response to an equally anti-Jewish column by anti-Semite Mike Calton. The papers apology came only after their was a backlash. Their hateful, destructive deed was done…and everyone who was tainted or fueled by their publishing, didn’t read the apology.
— Two cartoons (onetwo) in the Times of London, are sheer Jew-hatred propaganda by the mere fact that they chose to report only half the facts. And as sane critical thinkers know: Half the truth is a WHOLE LIE! The first cartoon falsely gives the message that Israel targets civilians. This lie is so blatant because the IDF goes to extreme measures to warn civilians with rotary calls, flyers, etc. to ensure that civilians leave before they strike a Hamas artillery depot (set up to increase civilian casualties). The second cartoon, reinforces that lie.
— The New York Times (what a surprise) reported the Gazan Hospitals’ being overwhelmed by injuries, BUT incredibly, neglected to mention the Hamas leaders who were seen throughout the hallways and offices. To the Washington Post‘s credit, their reporter, William Booth, witnessed this and reported it truthfully.

This is just a sampling of the daily barrage of lies, falsehoods and “misspeaks” that the Western Media disseminates as”journalism”. The audience, slowly but surely, becomes biased against the Jewish State.

The only Media outlet who can be rated 90% fair in their coverage is FoxNews. Except for some irresponsible and oddly unbalanced reporting done by a reporter during Justice with Judge Jeanine’s program (which neglected to report that the IDF warned civilians and only targeted a school because Hamas had been using it to launch rockets at Israeli civilians), they have reported the truth to their viewers/readers. This includes exemplary programs by Sean Hannity, on the ground in Israel.

The rest of the Western media has neglected to mention a multi-million dollar, strategic underground city of tunnels that were designed under Israeli civilian areas to bring death and destruction to the residents of the Jewish State. The amount of concrete (and pre-molded concrete, which is expensive) which was supposed to be used for infrastructure in Gaza (schools and hospitals), but instead was used to build tunnels to access and kill innocent Jews. These tunnels included tracks to carry weapons and electricity that was taken from Israel. IDF Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman said that, “With the amount of cement Hamas used to build these tunnels, it could have built two hospitals, 20 clinics, 20 schools, and 100 kindergartens.”

Have you heard ANYTHING about this city of terror tunnels in the media?

Hamas leaders encourage fighters to use civilians as human shields and tell citizens to ignore IDF warnings and rather die in Air strikes. This would increase casualties to be used against Israel in the PR war on the Jewish State. And, with the help of useful idiots and Jew-haters globally: They’ve been very successful.

The Western Media has some explaining to do to the people. Because, when it concerns reporting the facts on Israel…they are either unprofessionally negligent, dumb as a rock, OR on the precipice of propaganda…working as a PR firm for the enemies of the Jewish people EVERYWHERE.

Shalom through strength…



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