MEDIA PRO GENOCIDE? Blaming Jews, Ignoring Christians

Written by Audrey Russo on August 17, 2014

There’s a new weapon that’s come out of the Leftist media’s arsenal. They’ve been whetting this weapon for some time. In every propaganda-tooled report, they have honed their technique and gathered their ammo waiting for the moment to strike.

And they’ve chosen the most inopportune time for their assault on those who support traditional values and freedom’s foundational precepts (the very bedrock that GAVE the media the freedom they now abuse). They attack when Jews and Christians are facing the fight…for their very lives!

Boiling it down for you…they have been encouraging genocide by: Blaming Jews and Ignoring Christians.

Allow me to elucidate…

As the Jewish Nation, which has been under relentless attack on every side since their rebirth in 1948, fights a just war against the Muslim Brotherhood’s spawn Hamas and their thousands of rockets thrust upon innocent civilians in Israel…who does the World Media blame?

Why the Jews, of course.

Some 14,000 rockets have been fired upon Israel since the Gaza pull-out in 2005. Those rockets have killed 28 (mostly women and children) and injured almost 2,000 innocent Israelis (US proportionality, that would be 1092 dead, 78,000 wounded). These facts are not useful to the media’s agenda. Here’s how the media is able to blame the Jews and exculpate Hamas (aka the perps):
— The cameras and laptops are off when Hamas and their ilk intentionally target innocent Jewish civilians in Israel (a war crime, btw). These Islamo-maniacs could tape themselves detonating a small tactical nuclear weapon in a kibbutz in Judea and Samaria…upload it to YouTube and it goes viral. But because the perpetrators were targeting Jews, it would never even make a monthly news magazine.
— BUT…the moment Israel moves in a defensive action targeting ONLY those who have committed the barbaric attacks…ACTION: Cameras ON, Blogs buzzing, News readers spewing…and all the same mendacious murmurings: Blame the Jews!
— There are also a growing number of journalists who will believe, without reservation of vetting, the lies of “Palestinians” against Israel/IDF. EVEN when those reports prove false by the facts…cognitive dissonance kicks-in and the media believes the lies even more.  
— Here’s a fact I can almost GUARANTEE you’ve not heard from the media: The extraordinary measures the IDF takes in preventing civilian casualties. Placing real and recorded phones messages and thousands of leaflets…all intended to alert civilian bystanders. Deploying weapons systems which provide pinpoint accuracy, in order to minimize collateral damage. Delaying ground and aerial strikes in populated areas…and even canceling some if the risk is too high for civilian casualties. This is not reported BECAUSE, it would allow Israel to look good.
— It’s easier to get the world to hate and blame the Jews…if you LIE! 

And let’s not forget the Christians…as the media has. Christians are being eradicated from Muslim and Muslim-majority countries by the devout followers of the dictates of Muhammed:
— Boko Haram (meaning “forbidden book” which, according to my friend Dr. Peter Hammond in South Africa, refers to the Judeo-Christian Bible) has kidnapped, raped, tortured, beheaded and slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians in Africa. But the media is too busy to cover REAL genocide…because, after all…it’s just Christians.
–Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, prior to Sisi, increased attacks on Coptic Christians butchering them in front of cameras.
— ISIS has committed some of the most grotesque and barbaric acts against Christians…and especially beheading Christian children and crucifying Christian teens.

An original purpose of the media was to inform the people, in order to protect citizens from tyranny. The Leftist (by their own admission) media has become the handmaiden of Satan. Since the Christians are the standard bearers for Judeo-Christian principles (which the media loathes)…the media are ignoring their extermination in the Middle East and Africa.

The media’s irrational disdain for the Chosen People…which has infected and increased the anti-Jewish sentiment globally, now has turned into a complete and utter bias against the Jews, to the point where the enemies of the Jews can do no wrong…AND the Jewish people can do no right. It’s truly WWII deja vu.

I’d like to conclude with a poignant & brilliant quote from the lead singer of the group Disturbed, Dave Draiman:

The mainstream media’s biased, libelous, and often erroneous portrayal of Israel in the current conflict has fueled a wave of anti-Semitism, the likes of which I have not witnessed in my lifetime. Well done @CNN @BBC @REUTERS @MSNBC, you’ve set the stage for a new Holocaust.

Hey Media…and the world they’ve poisoned: NEVER AGAIN.

Shalom through strength…



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