‘MODERATE MUSLIMS’? Time to Step Up Against Atrocities

Written by Michael Cummings on August 22, 2014

Dear Muslims in the United States of America, 

Please answer the following question: Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim and, if so, where are you? 

The Pew Research Center estimates your US population to be approximately 2,750,000. Per Brigitte Gabriel and others, the percentage of what we deem as radical Muslims — those who support sharia law and a worldwide caliphate — is believed to be between 10-25%. At an average of 17.5%, that equates to 481,250, almost half a million militants. This number does not include those “living in the shadows.” Put another way, in the US we have an Islamist population the size of Kansas City, MO. 

Of sharia-supporting fundamentalists, that’s quite an army. 

The counterpoint to this is 82.5% of you are not radical and do not wish to impose sharia law and a caliphate. Fine, but why don’t we hear from you? 

Andrew C. McCarthy, the lead prosecutor against the terrorists of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, said if it weren’t for patriotic American Muslims, he and his team would not have been able to convict Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the Blind Sheikh. We appreciate your contributions to this case.  

Abdel-Rahman’s conviction was in 1995, however. Beyond a periodic showing from Dr. Zudi Jasser in the news or on talk radio, we haven’t heard much more than a few peeps from you moderates since. We don’t see you in the press, synagogues, churches, town halls, HOA meetings, or street corners. No one hits back against jihad except non-Muslims. Despite the growing number and degree of atrocities all over the world and in Iraq in particular, not a word is spoken. Your PR firm, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations  — whatever that name means –only shows up to knock America down and throw “Islamophobia” around like confetti. Are you moderates aware CAIR participated in funding terrorism with Hamas?  

In defense of America, all of you have remained silent. Our ears ring with nothingness. 

Are you afraid? If so, it’s understandable. Against such savage and demonic beings, who wouldn’t be? Mosul, Iraq, home to some of the world’s first Christians, no longer contains Christians. Weasel Zippers reported  recently about a woman who was tied between two vehicles and ripped in two. And of course we lost James Foley after having been captive for nearly two years. Are any of you moderate Muslims under the delusion we’re immune from such barbarism on US soil?  

You have to admit, if Christians were forcing “convert, leave, or die” onto any populace, the entire world would go far beyond verbal condemnation, and use virtually all resources to destroy such evil. Personally, I would risk life, limb, and treasure in denouncing such false behavior in the name of my religion. Let’s not even suggest what would happen if Jews were operating in like manner.  

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel.” America faces the same dire circumstance with Islamists the world over. We have to fight, and so do you. 

You have to speak up, and you have to do it now. I give you my word, if you do you will experience a greater solidarity and friendship with non-Muslim Americans than you have ever seen. We’ll lock arms with you, and stand together against any threat or opposition. If you don’t speak up, do not expect to be spared when the wickedness blasts through your door. You will either fall under the sword of your Muslim brethren, or face the American people who lost patience with your tacit acceptance. 

Pamela Geller, quoting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “‘There is no moderate Islam. There is no extreme Islam. Islam is Islam.’ The silence and inaction of the ‘moderates’ after the jihad killings in Boston and London proves that yet again. The only folks who can save Islam are other Muslims…”

Christians had their reformation, and it’s beyond time for yours. Whether we call you moderates is irrelevant. In the end, only your behavior matters and, right now, we need you to act out against the evil of Islam permeating the world. 

Or is the approaching tide what you want? 

Image: http://groundreport.com/in-honor-of-mothers-day-i-mourn-with-those-mothers-i-pray-for-mothers-across-america-and-i-pray-for-the-nigerian-mothers-whose-children-are-still-missing-said-an-emotional-rep-jackson-lee/


Michael Cummings
Michael A. Cummings has a Bachelors in Business Management from St. John's University in Collegeville, MN, and a Masters in Rhetoric & Composition from Northern Arizona University. He has worked as a department store Loss Prevention Officer, bank auditor, textbook store manager, Chinese food delivery man, and technology salesman. Cummings wrote position pieces for the 2010 Trevor Drown for US Senate (AR) and 2012 Joe Coors for Congress (CO) campaigns.