HE MUST BE HIGH: Obama, ‘The US is Stronger Than Before’ As Economy Tanks, Debt Soars, Wars Rage & Illegals Pour Over

Published on August 13, 2014

Maybe he is just tuned in to a different news channel? Either that, or he really is high. There is no way you can look at this country and believe we are better off now than we were 6 years ago. Check it out…

President Barack Obama claimed Monday night during a Democratic Party fundraising dinner that the United States is ‘stronger’ than it was when he assumed office in January 2009.

His statement, though, appears to be at odds with key economic indicators, America’s sliding reputation abroad, and the American public’s estimation of the direction the country has taken under the Obama administration.

‘In all sorts of ways,’ Obama told Democratic partisans who paid between $15,000 to $32,400 to hear him speak, ‘we are not just stronger than when we – where we were when I first came into office.’

‘It’s fair to say that America has the best cards when you look at other countries around the world.  There’s no other country you’d rather be than the United States.’

‘Nobody can compete with us when we’re making the right decisions,’ he said.

But Americans have become increasingly skeptical about the decisions emerging from the White House, both on domestic and foreign policy.

By a 20-point margin, they believe the nation is weaker under Obama’s leadership, according to a Fox News poll released in June. Just 35 per cent told pollsters they agreed with what Obama said Monday night.

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