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NECESSARY MEASURES: Shoot the Firebombers in Ferguson

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman has been telling us for years that there are three kinds of people in the world: Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves. Most Americans are sheep; they stand on the hill and go “Baa!” as they’re being slaughtered. It didn’t use to be that way. We used to have a tough, hearty pioneer spirit. No one messed with America, simply because if you did, we’d kick your ass. I love that song by Toby Keith “We’ll put a boot in yer ass, it’s the American way!”

But let’s be honest, America. It’s not that way anymore. America, under the leadership of Barak Obama, has become a nation of sheeple. Sure, perhaps as many as half of us are still willing to stand up for what’s right, but the people in charge aren’t sheep or sheepdogs; they’re wolves, political wolves, and that’s the worst kind of predator, because they prey on the helpless en masse.

Right now, in Ferguson, Missouri, we’re watching as one of our sheepdogs, a police officer, is being set up as the latest civil rights scapegoat. According to the seldom-reported eyewitness accounts, he was brutally attacked by a man on drugs, a very large man in his prime, who then tried to take the officer’s gun and broke the bones in the cop’s eye. He retreated, then came back for another try at the officer. The cop, already partially incapacitated, defended himself with deadly force. I would have done the same thing.

Since when are cops not allowed to protect themselves? Since Barak Obama that’s when. The man is a boil on the butt of our nation.

I predict a future shortage of police officers if this cop is arrested and convicted of felony self-defense. Not only was the shooting justifiable – hell, it was mandatory. It was kill or be killed. By and large, police officers are good people doing a crappy job that no one else wants to do. Now, if you tell them they can’t protect themselves if their attacker is black, or Chinese, or Hispanic, or gay or Muslim or any other of a host of politically-correct protected species, then why would they stay on the job? I know I wouldn’t.

If our society keeps demonizing sheepdogs, then, sooner or later, the sheepdogs are going to say “The hell with all you sheep. Start protecting yourselves. I’m outta here!” And I couldn’t blame them one bit.

And since when is a legal protest defined as a “group of angry people throwing sticks, glass bottles and Molotov Cocktails?” Are we so dumbed-down in this country that we don’t know what a Molotov Cocktail is? Here, let me remind you.

Molotov cocktail [( mol -uh-tawf, mol -uh-tawv)]:
An incendiary bomb made from a breakable container, such as a bottle, filled with flammable liquid and provided with a rag wick. Used by the Soviets against the invading German armies in World War II, these bombs were nicknamed after V. M. Molotov, a foreign minister of the Soviet Union at that time.

Let me see. Gasoline; it’s on fire; it’s heading my way; if it lands on me that’s a really painful death. What do they call that? Oh, yeah. Deadly force. Color me simple, but if someone throws a fire bomb at me, then I’m likely to bust a few caps on him. In the Marine Corps we called that firing for effect.

And these peaceful looters who are “expressing” themselves by breaking store windows and removing the contents … I know there have been a lot of changes in the law lately, but … isn’t that wrong? Hold on while I check the dictionary again. Oh yeah. Here it is:

loot  (lt)
1. Valuables pillaged in time of war; spoils.
2. Stolen goods.
3. Informal: Goods illicitly obtained, as by bribery.

Yup. It’s still a crime. So what should the cops in Ferguson do when someone throws a firebomb at them? I think they should shoot them. And what should they do when they see someone looting? They should arrest them for stealing and put them in jail. This seems like a no-brainer to me. Thieves should go to jail. So should attempted murderers, provided they aren’t killed outright by the victim in self-defense.

Now riddle me this, Batman. Is it possible, just a little bit, that these looters and attempted murderers are getting special treatment because they have the same skin color as the President and the U.S. Attorney General? Are they being wrongly protected in their crimes by the media and the powers that be? Just a second, Sparky, while I check the dictionary again.

rac·ism  (rszm)
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is 
superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Looks like definition number two pretty much nailed it. In my opinion, these people are looting in Ferguson not because they’re angry, but because they’re greedy. The government isn’t turning a blind eye because the looters are justified; they’re turning a blind eye because they’re racist. And the ones throwing fire bombs aren’t doing it to express themselves, they’re just flat out mean and want to kill cops. They are filled with hate and rage. And that has never been justification for homicide by fire.

So, my advice to the protesters is to go get a job and start paying taxes like the rest of us. And, if you throw a bomb at the cops, well, then I guess you just had that one a comin’.



Skip Coryell

Skip Coryell lives with his wife and children in Michigan. Skip Coryell is the author of nine books including  Blood in the Streets: Concealed Carry and the OK Corral; RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; The God Virus, and We Hold These Truths. He is the founder of The Second Amendment March and the President of White Feather Press. He is an avid hunter and sportsman, a Marine Corps veteran, and co-host of the syndicated radio show Frontlines of Freedom. Skip also hosts the weekly podcast The Home Defense Show, which can be heard 24/7 at For more details on Skip Coryell, or to contact him personally, go to his website at

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